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By Issy Goode - 13:08

2014 is just days away now, I have 18 days until my first exam, 16 more hours of work (so far) and still haven't seen a single one of my friends in Cornwall. With so much to do I thought it was time to get a 2014 list on the go...

There's no 'new year, new me' intentions here, I've no plans to change myself, as I'm happier than I've ever been, there's just a lot of things I've got to do! It may be coming out a bit earlier than the new year, but what's the point in waiting around?

Don't worry yourselves, I don't actually do drugs

2014 goals:

Blog more
This is something I really need to do, I love my little blog and did so well during summer, keeping up with posts and blogs I follow, but when I got back to uni I didn't manage it quite so well, so I best start trying!

Keep it up at the gym
I'm not one of those 'new body' for the new year people as I joined the gym when I started my second year and have been going as much as possible, it's just a case of keeping it up now! Check out my little motivational corner of the internet.

I need a kick up the bum to get this ball rolling...if you'd like to support me for my volunteering in Thailand, click here! And thank you so much if you do!

Get a job at uni
...because I'm so poor.

Buy a passport & get things organised for Thailand
I've got a lot of things to do before I go away next July, inoculations being one of them!

Come out with a 2:1 at the end of the year
I disappointed myself a little last year, but with only 3 modules to do in my second semester I may as well go all out!

Sort my student diet out

Us students are notoriously well known for having shoddy diets of booze and take aways, and I have no excuses for being the same way! I'm going to blog about getting healthy on a student budget, that way I'll hopefully stick to it!

I'll add to this list and keep you all updated on how I'm getting on! If you've done a similar blog post about your resolutions of 2014 plans, do comment below and link me up...

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  1. Like most other people, keeping up on exercise and diet is a goal for me as well haha. That is always an ongoing thing. Love your blog & positive attitude! New follower here on GFC :)
    x atelier zozo

    1. Haha you hear people say it everywhere for the new year, but it's sticking to it that marks you out from the rest! Yeah same :) Thank you! x


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