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In October 2015 my Day Zero Challenge came to an end, so I've decided to create a new one with all new goals, though some have been inspired by my previous challenge, which you can view here

If you haven't heard of the Day Zero Challenge it's about compiling a list of 101 things to do in 1001 days. I love creating this list because 1001 days is quite a reasonable amount of time to achieve 101 things, at the same time it also allows me to be creative with the goals I set just due to the quantity of things you're setting yourself to achieve. Now, as always, it wasn't easy to write the list and took a few days, but I got there in the end. Some things were a no brainer but others I found harder to pinpoint. 

There's also a website for the challenge which I think is a great online community for support! You can check the site out here.

Personally, I like to keep the list here on my blog. I'll update the post each time I achieve something and blog about some that are worth it along the way, as well as summing it all up by the end date. 

For my last challenge I finished with a total of 62 completed, so let's hope this time round I can achieve a little more! 

Start date: 2nd January 2016
End date: 29th September 2018

Green - completed
Red - failed

Health & Fitness
1. Lift 100kg on leg press - achieved on 5.05.2017
2. Squat 80kg - current PB is 42.5kg
3. Join a pole dance club
4. Do a 50kg deadlift - current PB is 35kg
5. Buy a fitness tracker 
6. Start making smoothies 
7. Lose two inches off my hips 
8. Learn to do both side and front splits
9. Master 10 yoga poses
10. Learn to do a pistol squat
11. Learn to do a chin up and a pull up 
12. Don't drink alcohol for a month 
13. Cut out cakes, sweets and biscuits for 2 months
14. Lower body fat percentage 
15. Find a local yoga class to attend 
16. Build the booty by 2-3 inches

Buy & sell
17. Buy graduation photos
18. Sell old university books
19. Buy a car 
20. Buy a new camera - I bought the Canon 1200D - takes a while to get used to it though!
21. Buy some new journals
22. Buy new work wardrobe - at least 10 new items
23. Buy something cute from Mura Boutique - I've become much more selective about shopping online after receiving numerous poorly fitted clothes, so this one is out the window!
24. Buy a new handbag - I got a beautiful new bag from Michael
25. Buy my favourite box sets: FriendsSupernaturalGame of Thrones and The Walking Dead 
26. Buy photos from uni
27. Buy new photo albums
28. Buy next books in Frieda Klein series - Thursday's Child & Friday on my Mind  - I can't bring myself to finish Thursday's Child as I find it a really hard read due to the storyline, which means I'll likely never move on to Friday on my Mind!
29. Buy a new pair of trainers 
30. Buy 5 new pieces for workout wardrobe 
31. Buy the Harry Potter Boxset for mum

32. Open a Help to Buy ISA
33. Cut average monthly spend to less than £500 a month whilst at Michael's parents (average in 2015 was over £700) We've now moved out! We're renting a property so I can tell you now I can't cut my monthly spend down to that! 
34. Save enough money between us for a mortgage deposit 
35. Put in first ISA payment

Goals for Michael & I
36. Go house hunting with Michael 
37. Move into our own place - It might not be a bought property, but our rented house is suiting us! 
38. Celebrate one of our birthday's abroad
39. Go for ten weekends away in a different place each time - 1. Scotland. 2. Chester 3. Cardiff 4. York 5. Snowdonia 6. Lake District

Travel - UK
40. Go to Scotland - you can check my visit to Scotland out here.
41. Go to York - Visited in March 2017 for my birthday. 
42. Visit Charlie in Plymouth - since I wrote this said friendship has declined, so this is an unlikely one!
43. Visit Becky in Cardiff - Unfortunately, Becky has now moved away from Cardiff. I missed the boat there. 
44. Go to Newcastle
45. Drive myself down to Cornwall
46. Go to Land's End 
47. Go to Creswell Crags
48. Visit Jen down in London
49. Stay in 10 counties around England
1. Cheshire
2. North Yorkshire
3. Cumbria
4. Yorkshire 
5. Greater London

Travel - Abroad
50. Go to The Netherlands (visited on 25th August 2017)
51. Go on holiday abroad three times before end of challenge
(1) Peru, July 2017 - we travelled to Lima, Puerto Maldonado, The Amazon, Cusco, Puno, Aguas Calientws and of course, Machu Picchu
(2) Amsterdam
(3) Saint Jean Cap Ferrat & Villefranche-Sur-Mer, France 
52. Go to Ireland 
53. Go on holiday with my parents or just my mum (my dad's a little less enthused about travelling!)
54. Celebrate New Year's Eve in another country
55. Go to a Christmas market in another country 

Things to do in a day/evening/weekend
56. Go to Cheshire Oaks
57. (Over the course of the 1001 days) Eat in 20 new restaurants/pubs that I've never visited 
(1) The Village Inn, Arrochar, Scotland 
(2) Annie's Burger Shack, Nottingham 
(3) Ikea, Nottingham
(4) Georges Great British Kitchen, Nottingham 
(5) Dino's, Nottingham
(6) Al porto, Hull
(7) Mudcrab, West Bridgeford
(8) Yamas, Nottingham 
(9) Turtle Bay, Nottingham
(10) Escabeche, West Bridgeford
(11) Prezzo, Sheffield
(12) The Cheshire Cat, Chester
(13) Kota, Porthleven - Cornwall
(14) Miller and Carter, Nottingham
(15) Das Kino, Nottingham
(16) Gusto, West Bridgeford
(17) Tamatanga, Nottingham 
(18) Son of Steak, Nottingham
(19) Oscar and Rosie's, Nottingham
(20) Tortilla, Nottingham 
58. Eat at Annie's Burger Shack - check out my post here
59. Visit Belvoir Castle
60. Fully explore 5 National Trust properties
61. Go to an aquarium - we went to The Deep in Hull. 
62. Go to West Midland Safari park
63. Go on a day out with my niece and nephew - My Mum and I took my niece and nephew for a day out at my grandma's house for lunch and also went for a wonder on the beach - not forgetting an Easter egg hunt too! 
64. Go to an alpaca farm
65. Go for a weekend getaway with my sister 
66. Have a spa day 
67. Go to York Christmas market 
68. Go to a Yoga retreat 
69. Go for a picnic - It was partially rained off by I maintain it was a good picnic! 
70. Stay in a 5* Hotel

Personal, work and getting organised
71. Update CV
72. Make a university scrapbook
73. Clear out my wardrobe
74. Complete Witcher 3 
75. Clear out my room in Cornwall  
76. Read 30 books
(1) Harry Potter and The Cursed Child by J.K.Rowling
(2) Shades of Grey by Jasper Fforde
(3) The Big Over Easy by Jasper Fforde
(4) Dead Man's Blues by Ray Celestin
(5) The Fourth Bear by Jasper Fford
(6) Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris
(7) Living Dead in Dallas
(8) Club Dead
(9) Dead to the World
(10) Before I go to Sleep by S.J.Watson
(11) Dead as a Doornail by Charlaine Harris
(12) Definitely Dead
(13) Consolation by Anna Gavalda
(14) All Together Dead by Charlaine Harris
(15) From Dead to Worse
(16) The Girl With All the Gifts by M.R. Carey
(17) The Girl on The Train by Paula Hawkins
(18) Ink and Bone by Rachel Caine
(19) Paper and Fire
(20) Dead and Gone by Charlaine Harris
(21) Marked by P.C & Kristin Cast
(22) The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett
(23)  Betrayed by P.C & Kristin Cast
(24) Dead in the Family by Charlaine Harris
(25) Party Girls Die in Pearls: An Oxford Girl Mystery by Plum Sykes
77. Get insured on Michael's car
78. Get a pay rise
79. Do pass plus
80. Sort through old university notes 
81. Dye my hair lighter (See below!)
82. Scrapbook Scotland photos
83. Back up laptop 
84. Be in a different job a year from today (02.01.2016)
85. Learn a new language 
86. Take on more responsibilities at work 
87. Get my highlights re-done 

Blogging & social media
88. Reach 150,000 blog views (achieved in Dec 2016)
89. Blog more about fitness
90. Reach 300 Bloglovin' followers - click to follow me here!
91. Reach 400 Instagram followers - click to follow me here!
92. Go to a blogger meetup - I went to the Kiehl's blogger event here in Nottingham. 
93. Interact more on social media
94. Update social networks
95. Schedule posts on Hootsuite at the start of every month week for at least 20 consecutive weeks  - It's safe to say I've failed this one!
96. Collate all blogger interviews
97. Create a throwback page

Charity and volunteering
98. Set up a monthly donation - For Unicef
99. Do some volunteer work
100. Support/take part in 10 or more charity events 
101. Do a charity half marathon

There you have it! If you've managed to read to the end of the list, thank you! I'd love to hear about any goals you've set for yourself for the year/years ahead, so do leave your links in the comments below. 

Keep checking back in for any updates - fingers crossed it'll be a completed list in no time! 

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