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By Issy Goode - 16:16

I don't often incorporate my shopping adventures into my blog, but I'd love to tie a fashion angle into my student lifestyle theme, and I suppose this can be the beginning of it! 

But, when I say shopping adventures, it doesn't refer to actually venturing out the house, because currently, the outside world is simply too expensive for me and my overdraft lined pocket, so instead I've been sticking with my trusty laptop and together we've been making some great discoveries. 

The first discovery I made was on ASOS Marketplace. I absolutely love the Marketplace and I'm sure to make a visit every week or so, and have done since I joined a year ago. I haven't bought much on there but I love to keep an eye out for people who sell their clothes at cheap prices (remember how poor am I) and always take a look at the lovely boutiques, even though they're often out of my price range. Recently, I came across Nikajewellery, a lovely shop filled with some seriously nice and affordable jewellery. With my budget, accessories seem pretty pointless (though they are needed to finish off a good outfit, but I need clothes more than bracelets!) but I did however find a lovely little something for a family member of mine (I'm being cryptic on the off chance that she could read this), it was priced at £4.99 (bargain in my books, as it's gorgeous) and arrived in a lovely little bag and is all ready to be sent off as a gift. I hope to buy from Nikajewellery again, but as I said, clothes take priority!

Next is the lovely Etsy. I adore Etsy (look out for a post on my favourite Etsy shops coming soon!) and come across so many lovely shops on there, it's a space filled with amazingly creative individuals and I recently discovered Kateslittlestore through Megan. Kate's shop is filled with wooden brooches, necklaces, earrings and collar clips all inspired by television series and films. All the items are so intricate and well made, I just love the stuff she does. I would never wear the brooches myself but they make really cool keepsakes from your favourite films or tv programmes!

Then there's BangoMango - I'm not a huge fan of the name but I'm a big fan of the prices. I discovered this clothing site through Kylie's blog Lazy2Lovely and a post featuring her gorgeous white satchel from BangoMango. Their motto is 'You don't have to spend a fortune to look good' and they certainly live by that. Some of the products look a bit naff quality wise but you can't knock them when they're selling clothes for under £10. Their sale has proved a real plus for me too as I managed to pick up a new pair of shoes and a cardigan for £8! I was a bit sceptical of the shoes, which cost me a measly £3, but I'm hoping they'll remain intact. I won't get much use out of them as they're for quite fancy outfits, but at only £3, they could sit on my shelf and I'd still be content! (I'll feature these in a post soon along side my other new purchases!)

What shops have you stumbled across lately? Any bargain buys or crafty discoveries? Feel free to link me up with your favourite new finds!

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  1. You should totally go fashion, it's so much fun ;) xxxxx

    1. My fashion sense is pretty non-existent though :P xxxxx


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