February To Do List

By Issy Goode - 17:37

Well exams are all finished and the results are going to fall onto our laps on the 21st, and in the meantime I've got a busy month to crack on with. If you want to see how successful my January To Do list was, click here. This month we finally get stuck into university work (it feels like we've started so much later than other uni's) and I'm really hoping my current motivation won't fade, because believe it or not, I managed to attend 100% last week, and have participated in all my seminars - a true miracle.

This month I need to:

Fundraise £150 for Thailand
I need to fundraise £100 a month to reach my target by June, so please support me!

Get a job
The search continues...

Sell some of my unwanted clothes via ASOS marketplace
Keep an eye out for a load of clothes that will be going up online soon, I have a lot of money that I need to make and therefore most of my wardrobe to sell!

Cut down my drinking
As of today I haven't had any alcohol in 15 days, and hope to keep it up! I feel like I'm starting to sound like a recovering alcoholic, alas, I am simply a poor student who now has to pick studying over nights out.

Buy a passport 
I know it was on last months list but it's going to have to keep cropping up until I get it done!

Start blogging about fashion
Don't expect much, I have very little fashion sense.

Hold a bake sale
I can't say my baking is totally up to scratch but I'll have a good go!

Write to all the trusts I've found
Really need to get writing. I'm hoping there's some lovely generous people out there that will sponsor an abandoned dog like me...

So, I know we're already 11 days into February and I haven't achieved anything as of yet, but I hope this trusty list will start being ticked off and by the time this short month is done, I'll have this all completed! Here's hoping...


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  1. I need to get a passport as well, in case I need it in the future.
    Cutting down the drink is something I've been forcing myself to do this year... I noticed alcohol equals being broke all the time and also I need to focus on other things that might be considered more productive and beneficial for my health, my intellect and my bank account. Time to prioritize, right? :) x

    1. I can't believe I still don't have one haha, would have been away by now if I had!
      Yep, same! I'm skint! Exactly! I do feel great not drinking but sometimes you just need it to blow of steam with your friends! May cut down to more social drinking rather than binge drinking, bank account may appreciate it more too! x

  2. This is so surreal that I've found your blog, but I'm going to Thailand in July with VESL too! I also need to fundraise like crazy - getting friends involved in bag packing is one I think I'll go for! xx

    1. Ahh no way! That's crazy :) We'll have a great time out there! Nice to have a fellow blogger going too. I was thinking of doing that, so much fundraising to do xx

  3. Huge good luck with the fundraising and great news with the less drinking part but how often did you used to drink!? I'm kidding, I guess it's just a suprise since I hardly drink anything. I think I used to drink more often when I wasn't legally allowed to haha. Maybe this will change when I get to uni, hmmmm!

    1. Thank you! Haha well in first year, it was about 3 times a week and even first semester of second year my doctor still considered that I was binge drinking, even when I went out 1-2 nights a week! Haha tbf I probably did too! It definitely depends on your friendship group, if you have those who love academics you'll find your liver will love you more! aha xx


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