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By Issy Goode - 18:17

As if you didn't know me well enough already, I was sent this cute little getting to know you post to help reveal some of the facts about me...

What is your favourite childhood book?
Any Roald Dohl book, but especially The Twits, Matilda and The Witches.
Name a place/country you'd like to visit some day
It's terribly cliche but I'd love to visit Paris. I've wanted to for absolutely years and plan to sometime in the near future. I hate that it's become cliche to even want to go there but it looks like such a beautiful place and I'm not going to avoid experiencing it for myself because everyone goes there. I can say though if I were to be proposed to in Paris on top of the Eiffle Tower than I would consider it far too cliche and cry a little inside (no offence!). Also the Maldives, 100% going there, my honeymoon destination is already decided!

Favourite things to do in the summer
Read on the beach, go for long walks along the cliffs, sit outside with family & friends, have bbq's, have drinks in the evening, have drinks in the day, as of late go for morning runs...and mainly lounge around whenever I get the chance!

What is something you don't leave your house without
Erm well my bag and it's contents is rarely left behind, so mainly my purse, a bottle of water, phone, ipod and a pot of Vaseline.

Most embarrassing moment you had this year
Oh lord well...earlier this year I spent a few too many days drinking and it all caught up with me when we did a few shots in a row that were truly disgusting and (because I'm honest about my student life I'm telling the internet this okay) I may have involuntarily thrown up...on the front of people...but not too many people so that's okay...but it wasn't okay, I felt awful for it because it's grose but I can say my god it was embarrassing...oh uni what do you do to me?!

Name 2 of your worst habits
Is being messy a habit? Because I can't keep my room tidy for more than a few hours and it causes my boyfriend a lot of stress. Then there's also picking off my nail varnish, I'll paint it in the morning and feel all pretty but by the end of the day I'll have peeled it all off, it's really frustrating especially when I do nail art!

Would you rather be able to see the future or go back in time?
Most definitely go back in time. I really wouldn't want to see the future in case I didn't like what I saw. I always wonder what the future will be like, but I'd rather not see it. I suppose if I saw it and didn't like what I saw I could try learn from my mistakes but then I'd spend my whole life trying not to let the future I saw happen, and how tiring would that be?! I'd rather go back and see the past, especially my family's past, I'd meet the members of my family that I never got that chance to meet and discover more about my family history.

Name 5 weird things that you like
Drinking gravy
Gravy and pasta
One Direction
Taylor Swift
Vodka in coffee (not in like an alcoholic way okay, just to perk me up before a night out on the odd occasion)

What time did you wake up today?
At 6ish but then I realised I could manage another hour of sleep before work, so at 7am I woke up, quarter to 8 I was in work. So interesting.

Describe yourself in one word
Can I consider 'erm' a word because it describes my perpetual state of thinking - I find it incredibly hard to switch off, my mind's always on the past, the future, the present, work, uni, exercise, to do lists, the latest novel I'm reading, the song lyrics in my head that I'm not sure whether I'm the genius who wrote them or I heard them in my sleep, whether I switched everything off downstairs, upstairs, oh God I'm gonna burn the house down, if I gave the right change at work, if I signed myself in and out, what to blog about next, that blog post I wrote, or wait did I read that, that episode of Gossip Girl I've seen several times already, why is Jenny's eye make up so heavy, why aren't my legs as long as Serena's, I'm Chuck Bass, just Ed Westwick,...HOW IS THAT PERSON GOSSIP GIRL?, you know just life in general...

I hope you enjoyed reading some random facts about me!

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  1. I love Ronald's book too! I always loved Mathilda so much! :D love this tag :)

  2. Same, Matilda is such a lovely story, and the film is just as great! Thank you :D x

  3. l absolutely fell in love with your blog, following you!<3
    Make sure you also check out my blog and follow me as well.

    Love John Setrodipo

  4. I love these sorts of posts! Paris is really lovely (but so expensive - go at your own risk!)
    I'm also awful for peeling off my nail varnish. I sometimes manage to peel off a whole nail in one go. It makes my life when that happens (sadly!)

    Rachael at

    1. Thank you! Yes, I've been warned that! If I went it'd definitely be short visit, maybe a stop whilst on the way to somewhere else! Aha glad I'm not the only one! Oh gosh that's one of the best feelings, strangely satisfying when you manage that haha.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Haha I must admit that I did laugh when reading that you threw up at a bar! I also reckon you'd love Matilda the musical! It's so so good - definitely a must see!
    Love this post, made me smile :) xx

    1. Ahah well I still find it quite hilarious, so others should too! I probably would - definitely need to go to a musical! Thank you :) xx

  6. I loved your answers Issy! Thank you so much for doing this :D your embarrassing story made me laugh so much! <3 Big kiss,

    1. Thank you! Haha well hope it was embarrassing enough :P Thanks for tagging me! <3


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