Successful Procrastination

By Issy Goode - 12:39

Alas, the time has come when deadlines and exams are eagerly awaiting our attention, and yet we're all still lacking just a little bit of motivation. Even us third year students; these last few weeks are all that remain of our degrees, and here we sit procrastinating. I should give you some motivational words, but instead I'm going to tell you my preferred ways to procrastinate the day away. 

Netflix - the most obvious option there is. Netflix holds the key to procrastination and don't they just know it. Last weekend I managed to watch an entire season of Gavin and Stacey and Orange is the New Black, followed by two seasons of the Inbetweeners, a few episodes of House and the film Identity Thief. I then switched to BBCi to watch some Don't Tell the Bride. Don't tell me that's not productive.

Online shopping - so the current deals popping up on MyUnidays make it quite hard for me to focus. My wardrobe needs a major clear out, so what better way to start then to just buy new clothes before even clearing out the old ones? If you're in the right mindset online shopping can steal a good few hours of productivity away. Yeah about £60 worth of clothes now sits in my shopping basket on H&M, and another £23 on New Look, but the fact is I've left them to simmer whilst I crack on with my essays. So it's a mixture of procrastination and motivation. Winning.

Social media - how many times have I scrolled through Twitter, Instagram and Facebook? And why am I still scrolling when nothing is happening? Sometimes I find myself going as far as 2 days back just so I don't have to crack on with my essays. In most cases, I've still seen all the posts from 2 days ago, yet that doesn't stop me scrolling.

Eating - my favourite. Yesterday I popped to the shop for some snacks and ended up eating the whole bag of Whether's Originals. I felt very ill and my teeth felt laced with sugar, so what did I do? I went and got more food. If I put on weight during this deadline period then I for one blame everyone but myself.

Blogging - what better way to procrastinate then to write more words? Writing essays is an entirely different ball game to writing what I actually want to write. This doesn't feel like a chore and instead it almost feels like I'm doing something productive.

Searching for holidays - Once again this is almost motivation and procrastination combined. I know I don't have time for a holiday right now, but if I know what's available to me and I can find some dreamy places to make a trip to, then it's a sure fire way to motivate me to get all this work done. Well that's what I usually think but it tends to end up in me just wallowing over the fact that I'm not on a sandy beach in a bikini, or trekking around a historical city. I'm instead in Stoke-on-Trent, where the sun is shining but the air is still freezing cold.

Going to the gym - this is probably another one of my favourite things to do besides essay writing. For many people exercise is a chore but I'd take it over doing work any day!

Drinking - last week the sun was shining and it was actually warm, so how on earth could we shut ourselves inside? When the sun is out don't we all just want to get out on the grass or on the pub benches, with a pint in hand and good company. Okay we all have a lot of work to do but soon many of us will be in 9-5 jobs, so why waste all our time shut inside when we can run free.

Napping - one of the student's favourite. Personally, I'm not much of a day time napper. My curtains are for some illogical reason white and very see-through so it keeps zero sunlight out. However, I have found that napping can really help me...get absolutely nothing done. It's a perfect excuse to whisk your worries away, because whilst you sleep the world is still turning but you're blissfully unaware of it.

What's your favourite way to procrastinate?

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  1. My favourite ways to procrastinate.. (oh dear Amy, get ready for self-loathing after I write this!)
    Definitely Netflix aswell! getting hooked on a list of ever-growing TV series' and films you'd never of thought of watching because you're 'stressed and you deserve it'. I've successfully watched Skins, Fresh Meat, Outnumbered, The Inbetweeners, Gavin & Stacey, Peep Show, The IT Crowd, Friday Night Dinner, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul and God knows what else since starting uni! Not to mention Game of Thrones, The Apprentice Bake Off etc.. oops! I always have to pop something on 'in the background' of doing work ;)
    Playing The Sims! oh jeez, my Sims have gone full circle from baby to toddler to teen to adult in the last few weeks meanwhile I sit in bed not doing my work but running their lives instead of my own! haha.
    Watching YouTube videos and reading blogs, but that one is completely understandable ;)
    Online shopping/online window shopping mainly because I'm lacking pennies!
    Social media scrolling.... not doing the dishes and then spending about an hour trying to fight the dishes that have piled up (especially as Matt has conveniently cut his finger quite badly and can't get it in 'dirty dish water')... Skype and calling/texting people.. why not! anything but work eh..!
    I don't know how I've managed to get any work done let alone sleep and try and keep my sanity intact! haha. The student way I guess! Not long until summer now though! :) X

    1. Hahah oh my god I'm impressed at all those! Though three years down the line I don't think I could even begin to summarise everything I've watched since starting university - and how many times I've watched on repeat! I do that as well! I'm trying to refrain from doing it right now because I have two deadlines tomorrow so really should focus! Oh my gosh I'm craving some Sims haha! I sensibly (and regrettably) left all my Sims games at home and deleted them off of my laptop! Haha there's nothing like having Sims that are more successful than we'll ever be! Haha I did a lot of online window shopping over the weekend, but found some really lovely things on h&m that I just couldn't resists! I'm short on money too but I'll just have to get more work in to make up for the clothes shop haha! Aha how convenient for him ;) I'm guessing reading blogs is on your list too ;) exactly! x


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