Quotes That Tell You a Lot About Graduate Life

By Issy Goode - 19:59

Just after graduation I was scrolling through Instagram throughout my job searching days and found so many quotes that related to the student life I was leaving behind - which you can check out here. Now, with that life unfortunately well and truly behind me (except when I go back to uni for freshers' week in October, eeeee) I've been seeing so many quotes that feel extremely relevant to graduate life and the hard working days that have now become my daily activity. 
Ah the struggle of meeting coworkers begins, this isn't so different to how you felt on your first day at university, but on this occasion you can't pour everyone a drink and get stuck right into things. It takes a lot longer to figure out what kind of people your new coworkers are. On the other hand, at university, you'll often find your best friend for the next three years within a matter of hours.
Work can be a stressful place. A new job is exciting but at the same time you have constant reminders that this is your life now. It's not sad, or rubbish, it's just a little daunting at times.
Now when the weekend comes you're not instantly feeling the need to go out on the lash, instead a few quite drinks will probably do. Back at university it didn't matter if it was a Monday or a Friday, you were ready for a night out. These days, your bed is the main thing you want when Friday night finally comes around because everyday is like a 9am seminar...
Many of us graduates have moved back in with our families, or if you're like me, you've moved in with somebody else's. Your food is at as much risk at home now you're a graduate as it was when you were a student. Sure someone always stole your milk at uni and now you're expected to share it, but when someone takes YOUR piece of cake that was sitting in the fridge at home keeping you going? Damn, they better not be there when you find out.
The fact is, we know we've got to save money but we also don't want to give up the things we love. We may want to move out in the near future but we also still have the student within us that had very few responsibilities. I know I should put every penny I can into my savings account but I also know how much I'd like some new clothes...to wear to work of course...to look professional. 
They could also be saying 'When will This week Finish'
Not being drunk in some time is usually why you haven't caught up with some of your university friends you weren't as close to. Sure you reminisce most days about university with your close friends, but when you're drunk it's the time to really share these memories and contact everyone you know via drunken text.
In your first year all bills were included, in second if you're lucky most of the bills were also included or like us you had an electricity meter which you didn't really notice paying money into between 6 people (despite the fact added together we paid a lot of money in the end). But in the grown up world this is a very true statement that you're going to have to get used to. Sure for the time being it's probably still your parents that are paying that bill, but I bet they've already commented on the increase since you returned home...
At university you needed coffee to get through your 9am or to recover from your hangover but now that you're waking up at 6am everyday some days you desperately need it. It's not a little 'ooh a coffee would do me good' it's a 'christ before I fall asleep PLEASE'. I'm often okay in the mornings but it's midday it hits me, so it's more 'insert coffee to continue' kind of thing in my case.
The last time I posted a selfie on Instagram was 5 weeks ago. Five whole weeks. At university I was likely to put up 1 or sometimes 2 during the week with pride. There are many reasons for this, the main ones being 1. The fact that I actually had more of a social life at university and therefore a reason and a desire to look good 2. I had time to actually spend dolling myself up.

I wake up for work at quarter to 7 most days giving myself between 50-60 minutes before I leave the house for work. I can't remember the last time I looked in the mirror and thought - I should take a selfie. It's sad times isn't it - someone come visit me in Nottingham and take me out on the town for some fun.
Kids around the country are either getting upset or a little bit excited for the fact that school starts again next week. I however have been feeling a slightly different way when I hear anything about university. I see freshers' events being advertised and acts being announced and my heart feels a little crushed. I felt so excited in the run up to university beginning again every year, and now the same excitement is trying to break through but I have to remind myself when September comes I'll still be waking up everyday for work and it could potentially be even more weeks or lord MONTHS before I  have a reason to take a damn good selfie. 

My fellow graduates, if you're coping any better than me please, tell me how. I've found a good job, I work with lovely friendly people and I live with my wonderful boyfriend (albeit in his parents house) yet I can't shake the desire to drop all of this and return to university. It's just too much of a hoot. 

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