Ardgarten Argyll, Scotland

By Issy Goode - 21:42

Not only have I just ticked off one of my 101 things to do in 1001 days, I've also just had a beautiful long weekend in Scotland.

On Friday we set off early and popped down the road to pick up one of the guys and meet up with the rest of our group. My boyfriend, Michael, was doing the driving for our car and hats off to him for doing another long distance journey after not even a year of driving.

The furthest I've been in Britain is Carlisle so an adventure was definitely on the cards. Our destination was Argyll Forest Holidays picked out by the group who had also visited another Forest Holidays destination previously. Honestly, my boyfriend and I were a little hesitant when we heard about this holiday. We thought the idea of travelling up to Scotland when the country had just begun recovering from the flooding and was starting to show signs of snow seemed a little mad, but I'm so glad we went. Maybe it wasn't the most sensible idea but if we didn't say yes, we definitely would have regretted it.

The cabin we stayed in was a cute little holiday home. On site there's 40 cabins in total and we really got a good spot in cabin number four. We had 2 twin bedrooms and one en suite double room, a big sofa for some serious lounging after our walks and a cute kitchen that could have provided a little more kitchen equipment. The main spot we spent a fair bit of our time in was the hot tub that sat outside on the decking overlooking Loch Long and the beautiful snowy hills and mountains.

After arriving a bit early for check in we popped into The Village Inn in Arrochar, the village a short drive away from our cabins. My boyfriend absolutely loved this pub, the decorations are pretty interesting I must admit with all sorts of guns, shields and art on display.

Once the clock hit four we were already on our way back to the cabin that we could now collect the key for. It didn't take any of us long to jump in the hot tub with a few drinks and as it was already starting to get dark the view was beautiful. We ordered pizza to our cabin later on in the night and just had such a relaxing evening.
Photo courtesy of our friend Adam
On the second day we woke up and the snow started to fall shortly after and didn't stop until later in the evening. We were so lucky to get good conditions on the drive up and then have such a snowy Saturday. The site looked absolutely beautiful in the snow and we couldn't wait to explore. Initially we wanted to attempt to climb one of the surrounding hills or mountains but the visibility became poor very quickly due to the snow fall so we chose to be sensible and explore the near by area. And it really was worth exploring, the snow made you feel like you were strolling around Narnia.

We spent a good few hours exploring around the woods and it was hard for me to tear myself away from the beautiful scenery. My boyfriend had to drag me along several times when I'd stopped to look around and the group had ventured on ahead.

We stopped to pet a cold looking horse and just to take in the amazing views. We also had to trek along the stream running into the Loch at one point after taking a wrong turn, obviously resulting in some soggy feet for one of the guys and, once back on solid ground, a slip on the ice and a wet bum for me! We all went out well wrapped up and had a good time making snow balls and picking off icicles. It really is such a beautiful area. After we finished our snow ball fights and trekking around in the snow we decided to have a few moments to warm up and then headed back to The Village Inn for some pub grub. 

I'll admit that I got carried away taking photos so you'll have to wait to see the view half way up one of the large hills that we decided to climb on the Sunday, but I wouldn't want to leave you with nothing so here's a sneak peak!

Above is just a view quite a lot lower than where we got to. Photos just do not do justice for the views we had. If you want to have a look at some more photos from Scotland, follow my instagram account, MissIsGoode, where I'll no doubt be posting photos for the next few weeks! 

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  1. Beautiful photos! It's always so exciting to see so much snow when you're from Cornwall isn't it? :)
    Jessica x
    Cruelty Free Cottage

    1. Thank you! It really is aha! I was originally born in Gloucestershire and lived there for 6/7 years so experienced a bit of snow but only remember a few years there obviously, so grew up mostly in Cornwall and it's so funny when it snows at home isn't it? Because it's always the tiniest but of snow but everyone still goes into a bit of a blind panic aha!

      Thanks for stopping by :) x

  2. This was a great post with some beautiful pictures! I live in Scotland and so was interested to read this and glad I did! I'll definitely keep this location in mind for the future as I really want to explore nearby places for holidays rather than travelling abroad all the time. Hope you liked Scotland! x

    1. Thank you! I really need to get a good camera but I don't think any camera would do the views we saw justice anyway! Ah must be weird seeing it from a different perspective. I'd definitely recommend this location, it was so beautiful! Thanks for stopping by :) x


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