Things I'm Looking Forward to When I Have My Own Place

By Issy Goode - 21:02

Apologies for the lengthy title but after having a day off from work this week, it really got me thinking about all the things I'd do with a day off if my boyfriend and I had our own place. I love days off and weekends, but I never enjoy them to the fullest. Personally, as I live with my boyfriend's family rather than my own I never really feel like I can completely relax.

So, here's a few things that I'm looking forward to when we, eventually, have our own place: 

Being comfortable to do anything
Despite living here for several months, I'm still in that stage of living with my partners family when I much prefer him to come downstairs with me. To him getting breakfast in the morning is just waking up and getting breakfast, to me, I first feel like I need to get dressed, put make up on and prepare for a less than peaceful morning before heading off to work. 

I don't even feel comfortable wearing my dressing gown around the house because, well, it's not my house. It's obviously my feelings rather than how they feel towards me, to my knowledge anyway, but I can't seem to just kick back and switch off.

Wearing less make up
It's once again a personal thing but I don't feel comfortable going bare-faced around my boyfriend's family. Often when I am caught without make up on the comments of how tired I look come rolling in. Now, I already know I don't look great without make up on because of the big bags under my eyes and my fairly pale skin - I don't need someone else to remind me. 

Being in silence
I really enjoy being in silence. If not silence, then noise of my own choosing. Peace and quiet is something I take great pleasure in - not loud country music whilst I'm trying to read or write, no repetitive jokes about me being from Cornwall (long story) and definitely not people moaning about literally nothing. 

Being alone
Not only do I like silence, I also enjoy my own company thoroughly. So nothing spoils my day off more than loads of noisy, loud people coming home in the middle of the day. Yeah, it's their house not mine but it just gets me dreaming of the only person walking in the door on my day off being my boyfriend when he finishes work. 

Cooking together
Cooking for someone else's family is stressful and I don't enjoy it when everyone is buzzing around. My boyfriend's family went out a few nights ago and we got to cook our dinner alone, which was really reminiscent of university. My boyfriend and I both enjoy cooking, especially together, and people often suggest that we should volunteer to do it for everyone, but it's not quite the relaxing experience that I hope for, and it's certainly not that fun.
Here's an example of our cooking together! On a rare occasion at my boyfriend's house we were given the chance to let loose and do dinner. 
Decorating & furnishing our own place
After building our first piece of flatpack furniture I've been dreaming of having a house to make into a home. My boyfriend's also got a really good eye for interior design and we aren't all gone on the way his family has done up - or not done up - their house. Every house needs a bit of work doing there's no denying, but my boyfriend and I are really keen on spending the time decorating our own little home.

Gaming with no judgement
So my boyfriend's idea of relaxation is an evening spent gaming, and I won't deny, I quite enjoy it too sometimes. Though our game choices often differ, we both get the same judgemental look when we come home from work and sit at the computer screen fixated on what his mother views as a waste of time. Whilst I hope my boyfriend isn't equally as game obsessed when we get our own place, I'd still like to be able to spend a weekend gaming without anyone judging us for it.

No longer confining ourselves to one room
Now we spend most of our time cooped up in Michael's room by choice. We have the privilege to walk about the house and use each room as and when we please but we never really feel 100% comfortable when doing so. We'll eat dinner downstairs and sit and chat when more family are around, but in the evenings and on the weekends we stay hidden upstairs. It's not only because we feel like we can do what we want in the confines of our own room, but also that we've become so used to spending the majority of our time mainly in that one room. Despite the fact I lived in a normal house for the last two years of university, me and the girls only really spent our time in our bedrooms or in the kitchen. It's incredibly normal for us to spend all day and all night inside our four bedroom walls - but when we have our own place, it'll be nice to have a front room that is all our own.

If you've already moved out, what do you love most about having your own place? Or, if like me, you're still living at home with the 'rents, what wonderful things keep you dreaming about the day you finally move out?

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  1. Living alone / with a boyfriend is so, so good! I have loved living with my boyfriend since the first day. With will be a great change ! :)

  2. I have moved out twice and really miss the opportunity of having my own place,just for the little thing I can do like this.


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