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First things first, I'd like to apologise. Once again I felt the need to go all MIA on the blogging scene because I really do just need to take a step back from blogging every once in a while and probably more often than most. Sometimes I feel like a break is necessary; I go to blog and just feel like I'm forced to do so, and that's never the way I want to feel about it. I take my hat off to those who keep it up day in day out, but I sometimes just need to get in from work and have a Netflix binge. It turns out this month, kicking back without doing some blogging after work wasn't just occasional, but occurred every single day of April. Yes, I've been a little lazy with my blog this month, but there's been a lot going on behind the scenes...

Early in April I went for a meal with Sally, one of the girls from work who recently started her new job over in the main building of our head office. We certainly haven't lost contact and we caught up for some grub and some office gossip with a meal at Dino in Nottingham.

We try to go somewhere new each month, which is certainly helping me to complete number 56 on My Day Zero Challenge. Dino was a restaurant recommended to us by one of our co-workers. The place was lovely and they also had tasty cocktails - I didn't get much of a chance to photograph the restaurant in general as it was quite busy, but fingers crossed I'll return someday! We certainly weren't their usual clientele being the youngest there, but that didn't stop us having a wonderful time.
I went for the Beef Stroganoff which was delicious but I'd probably go for something a bit lighter next time!

As it was also my birthday the month before and I hadn't yet had the chance to celebrate it with either my boyfriend nor my university friends, I set aside the second and third weekends in April for birthday celebrations. 

During the second weekend of April I went back to Sheffield to see Faye, Sara and Jen. Sara and I arrived on the Friday evening and of course, we went out to Wagamama for some delicious food again (okay so April was kind of my month of eating out a lot).
I usually always go for the same thing at Wagamama, slurping on a bowl of Ramen, however this time we were all drawn to the same dish that none of us had tried before: Teriyaki Salmon Soba. And boy was it delicious. I've been thinking about going back again to order this, but I'd have to go alone, though now they do takeaway that wouldn't feel weird. 

Jen arrived on the Saturday afternoon after Sara, Faye and I had spent the morning shopping in Meadowhall. After having a good catch up and after I had been gifted some beautiful birthday presents, we all got dressed up for a night out in Sheffield. We weren't sure where to go so most of our pre-drinks were spent trying to make our minds up. We had initially planned to go for cocktails around a 'posh' area in Sheffield, but being the cheapskates we are, we just ended up at the cheap bars in town. Unsurprisingly, it wasn't much of a successful night. The first bar we went to was absolutely empty - the music was really good but for most of the time we were there, there was no one on the dance floor...except us of course. 

We kept up our dancing for a while but then decided to return to our usual watering hole - West Street Live. The first time I ever visited WSL in Sheffield I had the time of my life, but each time I've gone  back it's got progressively worse. On this night, as we were on our way out one of my friends got punched in the face and as I got her away from the situation a huge brawl started. Safe to safe we don't plan on going back there!

Despite the night not being amazing, we still had a good time. I fell asleep almost as soon as we got back to Faye's house. We woke up the next morning only feeling a little groggy, but headed out in the sunshine for a little while to watch the Sheffield half-marathon before watching some TV and then all heading home. 

Whether I was inspired by marathon runners or I just wanted to try something new, I decided to take up running again - I live right next to the National Water Sports Centre which is a perfect spot for running. There's a huge lake that's used for watersports and a perfect track all the way around it. I think it's only about 3km or so, but the first time I did it I certainly felt it for the next few days!

And this is the lake - not a bad place to run around aye? I planned to do the run at least once a week, but on one weekend Michael fell a bit ill, and the following weekend I came down with what he had just recovered from. I completed two of these runs during April and I aim to start this run again as a weekly bit of cardio alongside my weight-training. Wish me luck!

For the third weekend in April as I mentioned above, Michael and I went to Hull to have a little post-birthday celebration. We visited the aquarium, The Deep, and went for food at a beautiful Italian restaurant called Al Porto. I didn't manage to get any good photos at the aquarium as it was so very dark, but we had a great time! I think we were the only childless couple in the building, but most of the children were pretty preoccupied and we had a good time wondering around the place!

At the restaurant, I didn't get the chance to photograph our mains because we honestly just wolfed them down. I highly recommend the place, the food was absolutely divine. I did however manage to get a quick snap of our deserts. I was absolutely stuffed after finishing my main but when I saw the cheesecakes at the front of the restaurant I knew I wouldn't be able to resist. 

This was the White chocolate and Raspberry cheesecake that Michael and I both had - don't you worry, we had one each, neither of us were willing to share! 

All in all, I've had a pretty good month. Work has, as usual, been a bit mad and I've been looking to move on from my current job into something more challenging. Michael's got his final exams fast approaching and once they're done with, we can finally start flat hunting and booking holidays! 

I hope you all had a wonderful April and I do truly hope I feel more committed to my blog during May, stay tuned as student life interviews will soon be making an appearance! 

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  1. You know, I actually admire you from taking time off when you need it! When I was away, I felt this constant urge to post post post, forgetting that I had no proper camera, laptop or internet! It sounds like you've had a lovely, active April though so I hope May is just as social :) xx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

    1. Thank you! I suppose when you were in Sri Lanka there was so much going in, I imagine I'd want to post it all too! May's been about the same in terms of my social life, a little tired out now actually haha. xx


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