June & July

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Wow - isn't this one big game of catch up! I had a summary post for June in my drafts and it seemed pointless to even consider sharing that post individually now we're at the beginning of September. However, as it was part-complete I thought, why not make a combo post?  

So, what have I been up to in June & July?

The main feature event in June was starting my new job. It now feels like forever ago that I started, but in reality I'm only three months down the line. It felt good to start a new challenge and move up within the company, and with my career progression on the go, my boyfriend was also facing some potential career changes. He had one massive exam to pass in June which would either lead to him qualifying as a Pharmacist, or failing, leaving him only two more chances to become qualified. It was a busy month in the working world for the both of us. 

Though, we still made time for some fun...

I never miss an opportunity to go and spend time with my friend Faye. We lived together for three years and despite her extra year at university whilst I graduated and moved to Nottingham, the distance has not caused us to drift apart. We, of course, couldn't resist the chance to get in some Snapchat selfies. We went on a night out in Sheffield and the day after, thanks to the sunshine and some encouragement from Faye's mother, we went for a walk around one of the local gardens near Faye's house. 

As June felt like a time for change, I decided my hair-do could follow suit. I've been considering Balayage highlights for about two years, but I was 1. Scared they'd look horrendous and 2. Scared that I'd have to sell a kidney to afford it. However, with a pay rise on the horizon, I thought why not! I've absolutely loved having a bit of blonde in my hair!

I also went for my usual wonders around the countryside with Michael. We live in an area close to a local park and the River Trent, so it's always a nice place to go for an evening stroll.

Finally, whilst not remotely life changing, I made pretzels for the first time with the help of The Hungry Healthy Student Cook Book. I received this book to review back in June, and I decided to hold it back for a time when I could actually cook more of the recipes in there. Living with my boyfriend's family isn't a cost affective way of trying out new recipes, and there really isn't enough space for me to get to work. So, keep your eyes pealed as I will be sharing my review soon!

Now moving on...

July was my boyfriend and I's month of travelling about and exploring new places. He had some time off between finishing his exams and finding out his results, so I took the opportunity to book a little time off too and make the most of our time together before he began to locum all over the county. As part of his post-exam celebrations (though we didn't yet know if he had passed or not) I booked us a room at The Rowton Hall Hotel & Spa in Cheshire. It was only a quick weekend getaway, but we packed quite a bit in. 

But, before I get to that...

Photo 1 & 2 capture my first visit to the races! I went with my friend from work, Sally, and a group of her friends. We drank lots of prosecco, placed, lost and won a few bets, ate ice cream at 3am (well, that was just me) and went to work the next day feeling fairly horrendous, but at least it was a Friday.

A few days later, Michael and I headed to our hotel in Cheshire. It was a couple of hours travel there and back, which I found it very hard to stay awake for (fortunately I wasn't the one driving!) but we made it there safe and sound. During our stay, we visited Chester Zoo and Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet. We took our fairly new Canon D100 SLR out with us and practiced our photography skills at the Zoo. They're still not quite there but Michael caught a few brilliant photos (all above) and I barely took a photo worth sharing! 

The hotel was also in a beautiful setting. We made use of the pool, sauna and Michael got a bit of use out of the gym too. We had a Junior Suite that was absolutely beautiful and so homely, with breakfast included on all three mornings and a dinner on the first night. 

Following on from the visit to Cheshire, we had a trip down to Wales planned so Michael could attend a Pharmacy-related training course. We took a step down from the elegance of our Spa break and booked into a cheap Travelodge last minute. Despite the basic facilities, we were just happy to have a bed for the night. We took a short walk around the area in Cardiff on our first evening there, peaking in at the restaurants deciding what to have for dinner and then ended up ordering a Dominos, as you do. 

The following day we took a long stroll around the Bay before Michael went off to training and I took a trip into the centre of Cardiff for a cheeky shopping spree.

Whilst busy and very quick, June & July were lovely months - but it's also good to be catching up with my blogging once more. So, fear not, my August round up will follow shortly!

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  1. Sounds like a good week! I have just started a new job too and my boyfriend is looking for one! Love your blog - I love reading personal stories on blogs. x


    1. I don't think I could pack all this into a week - but a good few months for definite! Ooh good luck in your new job, and also good luck to your boyfriend on the job hunt :) Thank you! x

  2. Love what you've been up to Is, I'm sure you tell me and I forget so it's always nice to read about it again!! Some lovely photos and I love how you've laid out this post xx


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