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Towards the end of my first year of university I began to interview students all over the country about their experience of university and I continued to do so throughout my university years. It was hard to balance my time during my final year so unfortunately none were published last year. However, it's back with a bang. This year I've been in touch once again with students up and down the country about their university years, and now, their graduate years too! This page is a documentation of all the student life interviews I've done to date and will continue to be updated. This is a little bit of history as many of these guys are now graduates like me!

Bangor University
Photo courtesy of Laura Sutton of The Scrimpy Student
Laura had captioned this photo as 'Hogwarts' and I can definitely see the comparisons. I initially fell in love with Bangor, from just the photos of the university and surrounding area, but Keele dazzled me just that bit more. Though, when I saw a few more photos on Laura's blog, I certainly envied her a bit! 
Freshers' End 2012/2013

University of Brighton 

If you're looking to studying somewhere with an 'amazing nightlife' and a beach, maybe Brighton will tempt you? Have a read of Dan's interview to find out more.
Freshers' End 2012/2013

Edge Hill University 

Life After Graduation 2015/2016

University of Exeter 

Ever thought about attending Exeter University? Whilst Charlie's experience is a few years out of date (and I know how fast the months are going this year too!), give his interview a read and see if Exeter is for you! Personally, I've only visited the city once and the university accommodation, shops and pubs seemed brilliant. I always mean to make an effort to visit again, because there's certainly a lot to explore! 
Freshers' End 2012/2013

Falmouth University 
Photo Courtesy of James Slinn
I know a few people who teach and plenty of people who study(ied) at Falmouth University and if I'm honest, I always find it a wonderful thought that whilst many of us moved away from Cornwall to get our degrees, plenty of people moved from their homes north of Cornwall to attend Falmouth. I also think it's nice that locals have a lovely campus and town to surround themselves with, and it even has beaches near by! 
Freshers' End 2013/2014

Journey's End 2015/2016
James (again!)

Heythrop College, University of London

Until Ana, whose interview you can read below, mentioned Heythrop College I'd never personally heard of it. The main reason for that being is because it's a specialist college focusing on Philosophy and Theology - both subjects that completely boggle my mind. I envy those with the brain power to study these subjects, because both are incredibly interesting!

Life After Graduation 2015/16

Keele University
Ah, my beloved Keele. Below are a few interviews from students whom I knew personally and also those that came to me with an interest in sharing their university stories. Unsurprisingly, this is a university I have many more representatives from (more to come too!). It's a great university, with it's own flaws of course. I don't think I ever truly appreciated the beauty of the campus, but I certainly appreciated the SU, more than 100 times. 

Freshers' End 2012/2013
Freshers' End 2013/2014

Over Half Way There 2014/2015

Life After Graduation 2015-

University of Liverpool
I've never been to Liverpool but it's certainly on my list of places to go, but if you're looking for a little information about the university and the night life, read a great post from a now successful Occupational Therapy graduate. 
Freshers End 2012/2013

University of Manchester
Now I've been to visit Manchester a few times and if I'm honest, it's a city that scares me a little, much like Birmingham. You can probably guess that I'm not much of a city girl going by the fact I went to a university in the countryside surrounded by 680 acres of land! Nonetheless, it's a place that many students love and here are the opinions of two University of Manchester students (and now graduates!).
Freshers' End 2012/2013

Manchester Metropolitan University 

During my first year of university I visited Chloe, who is friends with one of my closest friends, Faye. We stayed in her Manchester Met accommodation and whilst the accommodation was okay, the stories she told about the area were enough to terrify me. But once again, I'm more of a scardy cat than I'd like to admit! 
Freshers' End 2012/2013

Portsmouth University

Portsmouth was another university I applied to and received an offer for and sometimes I do wonder how different things would have been had I attended any one of the other universities I applied to. Though, I can vicariously live the university experience through via Amber: 

Freshers' End 2013/2014

Plymouth University 

Freshers' End 2012/2013

University of Southampton's Winchester School of Art
Photo courtesy of Emily
Freshers' End 2013/2014

Truro College, Plymouth University

Life After Graduation 2012-

University of Warwick

Freshers' End 2012/2013

University of West England, Bristol

Life After Graduation 2015-

University of Winchester 

Freshers' End 2012/2013

Life After Graduation 2015-

University of Worcester

Journey's End 2015/2016:

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