Roadtrip to Sheffield

By Issy Goode - 20:30

So I've managed to neglect my lovely little blog for over a month I've managed to do this I couldn't even tell you! Life's moving at a unfathomable pace right now, we're already on week 10 at university!

In the essay department, I've had 1 first and a 2:1 so far! It's been an unusual semester with less short essays and many more daunting long essays and dreaded January I've got plenty of revision to look forward to when I set my feet back down on Cornish soil.

Though the Cornish soil is still 17 days away and my feet have recently been pattering down in the Sheffield area. After over a year of knowing my lovely Yorkshire lass Faye, myself and Sara finally managed to make a trip to her house. It was the best weekend I've had in ages, and her family - having met her parents before - were as lovely as always.

We made a car journey north with Faye as our driver and navigator. On the navigation front we really had to put all our trust in her, with such comments as 'I don't know where we are any more lads' and 'We have to take a left...somewhere' not giving us much confidence we'd make it there alive.
We arrived (alive) to the welcoming arms of Faye's mum and brother whilst her dad was still hard at work. After settling in with a cuppa we shot off to discover the amazing Toby Carvery...well, it was a discovery for me anyway, like every other well known place that I haven't heard of due to my sheltered life.

Once we got back home another cuppa was poured and we got into our onesies for an evening of popcorn and films, all cosied up next to the fire.
Saturday started with a bright and early wake up call from Faye's mum and the excitement of exploring Sheffield. Our exploration, however, remained mostly in the amazing Meadowhall shopping centre in which we spent 7 and a half hours exploring and Christmas shopping. It was an amazing day with an expenditure of £100, several Christmas presents purchased, a tasty lunch at Wagamama's and a lovely new dress for little old me. I also travelled on a tram for the first time...yay for sheltered life. Once off the tram we had a tiny tour of town...I say tiny because it was just one streets worth due to having spent so much time at Meadowhall.
When we returned home we got back in the onesies, attempted to make a fire - and (I) failed. Faye reheated the tastiest lasagne I've ever eaten that her mum had left for us, so whilst munching our dinner we sat slating The X Factor verbally and, of course, over Twitter, before settling down in the front room to watch a film. The film was however interrupted by drunken phone calls from those back in's supposed to take 3 hours to watch the most abysmal 1 hour 20 minute film right?...yep, if 18 phone calls are received from the most drunk chap ever. 

Our final day in Sheffield was spent decorating Christmas trees for Faye's house and having a nice sit down with her family, and of course, putting off our departure back to Keele for a good few hours. 
Sara was pretty excited about decorating the Christmas trees!

It was such a lovely weekend and it was hard to leave. It was so nice to get away and made more of a pleasure having spent it with Faye's lovely family and their gorgeous cat, Sidney! 
There's only 2 and a half weeks left of the semester now and I'm going to try keep my blog up to date! I've got deadlines coming up, a week long visit from my older brother to prepare for and the biggest event of the semester - Winterfest - to look forward to. 

I hope everyone's enjoying the last few weeks of uni!

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  1. Hey Issy, Thanks for commenting on my blog, I realise you are a active follower on my blog, and i just wanted to let you know that i read every single post of yours, although I don't comment, only now do i realise that your comment means a lot to me and i know mine would to you. I will leave you my email.... we should talk.

    Charlie xx

    1. Hey Charlie! Thank you, I try my best to keep up with most of the blogs I follow though it's been hard to with my work load over the past few weeks! I really appreciate it :)



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