The Six Degrees of Graduation

By Issy Goode - 11:32

In a nod to both my childhood growing up with The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and the song every teenager used to cope when the end came to their 2-month (it was supposed be forever) relationship, I thought I'd tell you how so many of us are feeling now graduation is almost upon us. 

So you've read no books, but you've watched all the Netflix shows...what's the best way to go, no one knows...

You hit the drink, you take a toke, watch the past three years go up in smoke. Fake a smile, yeah, lie and say that you're better now you're graduating and your life's okay, well it's not, no, never again will you have a 10 week summer vacation...

You're going through six degrees of graduation. 

First, you think it's amazing that that you've come this far
What's gonna kill is no longer drinking at your student bar
And the third, is when you realise you're non-committal 
And fourth, you're gonna think that you've got a job 
Fifth, you find out experience is what they want
And the sixth is when you admit drinking too much may have f***ed you up a little

You cry with your friends, yeah, strangers too, anyone who'll sympathise with you. Tarot cards, gems and stones, believing all that sh*t will stop you from having to move back home. Well it's not, no. 

You're only applying for any job out of desperation, ohhh no, you're going through six degrees of graduation.

No there's no starting over, because no one will fund ya, you'd go back, no hesitation. That's when you know you've reached the sixth degree of graduation

No no there ain't no help, it's every graduate for themself, you're goin' through six degrees of graduation...

I have to be honest and say that now I've officially moved out of my university home, reality has hit. And the reality is that I'm just like every other graduate out there, who has possibly a 2:1 degree, no experience, plenty of ambition, but no certainty of what I want to do. It's life, it's graduate life.

Congratulations to all those soon to be graduates who already have jobs lined up, and good luck to those with interviews or still searching! We'll all get something eventually!

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  1. Congratz on your graduation!!! :)

  2. I agree with this sooooo much Issy!
    I just moved back from Leeds on Tuesday and graduate life really isn't what everyone imagines it to be. I miss Leeds already! Congrats on finishing uni, Emily xx
    Auburn Antics

    1. It's really not is it? Hopefully things will begin to perk up, fingers are crossed for us both! Congratulations to you too :) xx


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