How to Stay Positive on the Job Hunt

By Issy Goode - 12:58

Whether you've spent hours, days, weeks or even months searching and applying for jobs, job hunting can make you feel pretty downhearted in no time at all. Many of us chose to go to university because someone or a handful of people told us we needed a degree to get anywhere in life, and now, with that degree almost in hand, many of the jobs we look at state the dreaded words 'experience required'. 

The first thoughts are, why did I bother going to university in the first place? But it's important not to think like that! It's much easier to say stay positive than it is to actually stay positive so here are a few tips to help stop you going down the road of negativity whilst job hunting. 

Don't apply for too many in a day
It's important not to overload yourself. Writing out cover letters, altering your CV and filling in applications forms is very time consuming - alongside that you actually have to search through the abundance of available jobs in the first place. So don't shut yourself away each and every waking hour of your day glued to your laptop. Try to aim for a certain amount of job applications a day, whether you spread them out or do them all in the morning, just don't use all your waking hours for job applications. 

Take breaks
Remember all those hours you spent in the library or studying at home? And remember how important it was during those hours just to take a short break or one a little longer to help you get through it? It's the same when on the job hunt. It can get repetitive and you'll start to notice a drop in your attention to detail and your actual interest in the jobs you're applying for, and both will begin to show in your application. The most important thing you can do is take breaks between applications, simply to clear your head. 

Remember you'll get there eventually
No matter how many jobs you've applied for, a rejection can really knock you back, but try not to let it. Remind yourself how many jobs are actually out there, and that you do have something to offer. 

Consider gaining experience in the field you want to go in
If you haven't already got experience of the job you're looking to start in, it's a good idea to find some. It'll have a huge impact on your applications and help you feel more positive and confident about the jobs you're applying for. Not only that, it'll also help to bust the boredom of sitting around the house. Of course, double edged sword moment of having to find the experience first! 

Get outside
Getting some fresh air can do wonders, and whilst sitting at a laptop for god knows how many hours it's really important to take a complete step back from technology and all the applications. 

Get some exercise
Whether it's a short walk, a session at the gym or some yoga, exercise can do wonders for your mood. So, if the applications have got you drowning it'll really help you release some stress. 

How do you stay positive when job hunting? 

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  1. I totally agree with you! Job hunting can get anyone down, especially since it reveals your vulnerable state, open for an incoming rejection. However, the possibility of getting rejected shouldn't get you down. After all, like you said, you'll get there eventually. Anyway, I love the tips, Issy! Thanks for sharing them! All the best to you! :)

    Waylon Grimm @ AllForce Labour Solutions

    1. It truly does. No you're right it shouldn't! Thank you for stopping by :)


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