The Lazy Student's Revision Guide Review*

By Issy Goode - 10:59

I was kindly sent a copy of The Lazy Student's Revision Guide by David Chapman to have a read over and check out the useful tips for exam revision. I myself am a lazy student, so I can definitely relate!

Whilst some people have already celebrated the end of exams and deadlines and booked their summer holidays, others are still shut away in the library working hard or hardly working. So, I thought for those that do still have exams, I'd give you guys an overview of David's handy tips and let you know what's so great about this revision guide! 

'I've written a book to teach you how to do it the lazy way'

In my opinion, the laziest way to revise is simply to drink plenty of coffee, stay up late and do it a few days before your exam, ensuring that you don't spend months working on it and have plenty of time to chill out. But that's not the way to lazily revise and still achieve excellent grades. We all know that the harder you work for something the better you'll do, so how can you go about revising the lazy way? I wouldn't personally say there is a lazy way, and this guide sure has everything planned out, but if you are a lazy student, I'd say this'll help you out. 

The first thing David points out is the very fact that most of us aren't even taught how to revise. It's funny that we spend all these years working up to exams but we're never really taught how to repeat and process the information. So, as David says 'This book has been designed to take you through the revision process quickly and easily'. From his experience as a teacher educating 14-19 year olds he found that many of his students simply wanted 'someone to show them how to prepare for all their different exams at the same time'. That's where this revision guide comes in. 

David doesn't just cover the best techniques to successfully revise, but he also gives you tips on how to alter little things in your lifestyle to help you become more focused. One of the tips that you'll see many students raise an eyebrow at is to avoid energy drinks and coffee. He makes a good point about how 'highly caffeinated beverages' cause your body to need even more water than just the 6-8 glasses recommended daily. This can lead to 'dehydration and the 10% drop in brain function that comes with it'. David explains that, as many of you have experienced, it'll affect your sleep and cause crashes in your energy levels, which isn't ideal with exams around the corner. Instead, try to get as much sleep as you can and don't leave everything until last minute!

We all know how much time and dedication revision takes, and no one wants to end up like Will:

David also provides advice on eating and sleeping habits, the best times of day to revise, planning, timetabling and working with partners or in groups. Whilst it sounds like a lot of information, the guide is a short 82 pages, and I'm sure the last thing you want to do after so much revision is read more, you'd be wrong not to. It's a very handy guide that'll help you get organised. You don't have to consider this book as any extra reading, honestly it's very simple! It's just about helping you find the right way to revise!

Overall, the guide is a really useful and informative way to help guide you through your revision. Whilst many people are really stuck into revision at this point, if you're finding that your current techniques are becoming a little repetitive and unsuccessful, give The Lazy Student's Revision Guide a go and see if it can help push you up those extra few marks!

*I was sent a copy of The Lazy Student's Revision Guide in return for this review 

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