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I think this life lesson ties in nicely with my previous one about being yourself.

In my opinion, envy is a pretty evil thing, with it being one of the seven deadly sins of our lives. Whilst I admit that I get jealous of peoples lives, I think it's a shame that we do. Being envious shows that you're discontent with your own life. It can tear relationships and friendships apart. It can hold you back from your own achievements, because you're constantly comparing your life to someone else's, and feeling disappointed that yours is nothing like theirs.

Obviously, envy is extreme because its characterised by the desire to deprive other people of their wealth and pleasure so you can have it for yourself, and I don't know many people like that. But I do know many jealous people, and jealously is a feeling of discontent towards what a person has or is, and what, in comparison, you don't have or are not.

There's not always harm in feeling jealous, sometimes being a little jealous can motivate you to be better than someone, or work harder at something, but I think envy can make you into a particularly competitive person, and not necessarily in a good way, and it can also make you over look the good in your own life. You can become so concerned with how someone else is living theirs, wishing it were your own or working your arse off trying to make yourself equal to (or better than) them, and end up missing the important moments in your own life. A person may be rich and famous, surrounded by wealth, but will being envious of them get you their life? No.

Inspiration is instead what you should take from someone. Whilst I believe it's important for you to inspire yourself, having people that inspire you is also a good way to keep you motivated. If a life of wealth is what you seek, don't envy someone who has it, push yourself to reach your goals. If you want to have a fit body and feel confident in yourself, don't be jealous of someone who already has that, allow them to inspire you and work hard enough to become your own inspiration.

According to Dante's Purgatory the punishment for the envious is to have your eyes sewn shut with wire...so don't let green be your colour of choice, instead take pleasure in what you have. You may not be the most beautiful, the wealthiest, the healthiest or the most successful person in the world but you're alive and in control of your own life. Happiness is more important than envy.

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  1. Envy is a poison for our soul, I know what you mean. I've been very envious of people who, for instance, didn't have to work for years (like I do) to go on holidays around the world. People younger than me with so much opportunity in life only because their parents were rich, so obviously they could just travel the world and dine in fine spots... I'm not sure if that's envy or just a feeling of unease due to the lack of justice regarding the working class :/ go figure

    1. I know exactly what you mean. It's hard to see people who have it all when you have to work so hard to have anything. I definitely agree with that you say about the working classes, and sometimes you just wish those who have had it all handed to them were put in your own shoes. I suppose that's not necessarily envy, just frustration that you haven't had it so easy and they don't realise that perhaps? xx

  2. Amen. I try to simply see the good in everyone.

    1. I'd say that's definitely the best way to be! :) Thanks for reading!

  3. Great post :) I've never been majorly jealous, sometimes I get a little bit jealous of people who seem to have it so together. I used to get a bit jeal of my best friend and housemate - he's the happiest, most positive person I've ever met but it's turned to pure admiration now and just inspires me to be more like him :) xo

    1. That's exactly the way I believe people should react to those who have it together and such. It's lovely that your best friend inspires you and I'm sure you inspire him too! Jealously isn't something we can control, but I think if you take a step back you can just say 'what can I do to be more like that?' rather than 'how can they always be happy, how are things always right for them'. Inspiration all the way! :) xx


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