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My next fresher is a lovely chap named Mike, who studies Biochemistry and Biology at Keele University. I first met Mike when I invited Kam - who you shall soon hear from too - to prinks before a house party, accompanying the lads was a bottle of sambucca, which by the end of the night we had all set alight to whilst it was gargled in our mouths - hanging out with freshers in second year is definitely the way to go! Here are Mike's thoughts on his first year...

Have you enjoyed your first year?
My first year of university has felt like the first year of my actual life, and life is bloody good. I've made some absolutely fantastic friends, enjoyed the best nights out of my life, and actually started learning about the subject I'm interested in. So yes, I've absolutely loved my first year at uni.

How would you describe Keele's freshers' week?
Fresher's week is still a bit blurry to me so answering this will be hard; however I do remember that freshers was the time where I really got to make friends and meet people. I think that's what it's all about really so I reckon Keele's freshers was a success. Oh and the Mexican night was amazing - I was one of the guys who went out wearing all those empty Doritos packets.

Any embarrassing or funny stories you'd like to share?
I've got a lot of embarrassing and funny stories from first year. There was the time we all came back to the block after a night out and my dear friend Kam was still very drunk, after jokingly listing out the names I call him he picks up two cans of shaving foam in my room and threatens to spray me. He finally presses the buttons, but the holes on both cans are facing him so he sprays himself with shaving foam. Within a matter of seconds, us and the room are completely covered in shaving foam and us still being quite drunk just collapse in laughter at how messed up my room is. Other incidents involve me being kicked out the union for being drunk, running home changing my shirt, putting a sailors hat on and getting back in, cycling from Hawthorns to Holly Cross and back in my underpants, drunkenly collapsing outside Huxley and being carried home by a very kind Chinese boy, and accidentally setting fire to a chip tray in the outback then running away.

What was your work load like?
It really wasn't challenging, you can get through first year doing essays the day and night before (it's actually pretty fun) and going to about 2 lectures, that's what I did and I passed anyway. (just make sure you always have coffee on hand for essay nights) May I add that if you follow Mike's advice and fail I will not be held responsible.

What do you feel you've achieved this year?
My main achievement is making some really amazing friends, I know they'll be with me 'till the end of time and I'm really grateful for them (love you guys). I've also actually started my own society: The Keele Biomed + Biochem society, check us out, we'll have a stall in the freshers fair. I also did 6 chartreuse shots in a row on my birthday I'm told, that's definitely an achievement.

Is there anything you would have done differently? 
I would have put a better lock on my expensive road bike which got STOLEN in freshers week. Keep your shit secure kids there's some nasty people in this world.

Any good money saving tips you'd like to share?
Pre drink. Pre drinking is essential I cannot stress this enough. If you go to the union sober you're going to be shelling out at least £25 when it's easily done on about £7 including entry. So get yourself down to Lidl and buy some cheap wine. Or do what I'm doing next year and brew your own, it's pretty easy actually, you can make 25 litres of 20% alcohol for £10. Brilliant.

Any advice on how to de-stress? 
I went skiing before my first exams, I was pretty relaxed actually. Other than that I'd have to suggest a decent Spotify playlist and a nice cup of tea.

What advice would you give to students only just starting university? 
I'll tell you the same thing that a second year told me while I was queuing up for the union on the first night: "enjoy your first year, you only get to do it once". I don't know who that person was but I followed his advice religiously. If he is reading this, thank you so much.

And a last note from Mike...
Me: What photo would you like to accompany your post by the way?
Mike: Oh the email of the damage charges to my room...
What's your best memory from first year? If you want to share your memories of your first year, second year or any time spent studying abroad on my little ol' blog, then drop me an email at! If you have any questions about Keele or uni life in general, feel free to email me or leave a comment below and I'll do my best to help you out!

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  1. Yay biochem student like meeee! Shame his bike got stolen :( i had my phone stolen in first term i was so upset! Ohh the damage hehe, I wasn't in halls but our landlord was not happy with us, even though the damage was all down to the boys, I've ended up paying as well! Learnt their lesson though :P xo

    1. Yep aha! I know he was fuming about it, it happens a lot around our uni on campus unfortunately. Owh that sucks! I lost two phones in the space of a month, but as bad as theft as it was my own fault but still very upsetting! Aha the funny thing is, we lived in the same halls him and I, and my damage was similar, but I got my full deposit back! They obviously just got stricter this year! Ah yeah landlord's will charge you for anything, you'll never get the whole deposit back! xx


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