Logitech Mouse T400 Review*

By Issy Goode - 18:42

I recently reviewed the Logitech K830 Keyboard, and to my delight, I still had another product to play with. I was also sent the Zone Touch Mouse T400. I looked at this online and questioned whether I liked the design of the product, but when it arrived it looked sleek and attractive. It was also lovely to be sent one in a beautiful midnight blue - one of my favourite colours - though I had been eyeing up the purple one too.

The mouse is said to be perfectly designed for Windows 8, but I first tried it out on my own laptop which runs on Windows 7, and setting it up was as incredibly easy as setting up the K830. Once again, the small unifying receiver was on hand to plug into my laptop USB port and also once again, it was so simple the guide wasn't even needed. I flipped over the mouse and found two very simple instructions: 1. --> ON 2. Go to this site. So simply, slide to switch on then go to the website to download the software. Following the link, I found that the web page automatically detects what you are running, so all you have to do is press download software. I pressed run and it installed it in a flash. 

The thing I like most about this mouse is the glass touch zone, though on Windows 7 it's not used to its full potential, but it makes scrolling so effortless. 

So next, I thought I'd link it on up to my Mum's Windows 8 laptop, and see how easy the 'One Finger Scrolling' it boasts truly was. Now raise your hand if you've ever felt personally victimised by Windows 8? (I started writing something else but a Mean Girls quote just fits in so well). I've yet to meet a person who truly takes pleasure in using Windows 8 and I've personally never had an enjoyable experience when using it. But this mouse has really taken the format of Windows 8 into account, and it makes using it so simple. The home menu is easy to glide through, and whilst it makes using Windows 8 more of a pleasure, I'm still not after that operating system any time soon.

The design on the mouse in general is certainly what makes it great. Whilst I had initially considered that it was quite small in size, I searched through other reviews to find that even those with large hands were more than happy with it and found it easy to work with. It's also an ambidextrous design, so doesn't cause any issues when switching from left to right, which I think is quite a nice feature to it, as I know of very few mice that are designed in a similar way. The mouse also features three buttons, with the central one opening up the start menu on Windows 7 and providing quick access to the Windows 8 start screen.

Within the battery compartment, which holds 2 AA batteries, is a tiny little slot which I discovered is where you can safely store the unifying receiver when on the move, and as it's so small and easy to lose, I think this is a genius addition to the design.

Overall, what more can you say about a mouse? The design is attractive, easy to use and sleek, the glass touch zone is as good as scrolling gets and makes Windows 8 more bearable and it also has extra grip on the sides so makes it even easier in hand. I'm pretty pleased with this mouse and would definitely recommend it, though I'd say if you don't have Windows 8 it's still a good buy, but you won't be able to use it to its full potential.
*I was sent the T400 in return for this review

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  1. I've got a macbook but I've been debating getting a mouse to go with it as it would be useful.

    Emma x
    Writing Essays With Wine

    1. I find it quite handy having a mouse with a laptop to be honest. Initially I saw it pointless but it definitely comes in handy whilst at my desk! x


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