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By Issy Goode - 11:30

Now I've settled into my new home (it's new to me at least, though I do wish it were actually new...and actually my own home!) I've managed to re-establish my gym routine with my boyfriend. I've signed up to the gym near by and it's a pretty quiet place, so I've eased into weight training without feeling self conscious like I often felt at my old gym. 

Not only have I been using the whey protein isolate from Monkey Nutrition since I started back, but I've also been trying out something entirely new, but not before researching it of course!

I'm always open to trying something new provided it's only going to benefit me, rather than cause my body any harm. And whilst this product described as 'HGH Support Complex' really threw me out of my comfort zone, I was eager to give it a go after some in-depth reading on what this product is really about.

First, here's the description on the Monkey Nutrition website of their product GRO:
Monkey GRO incorporates amino acids combined with hydrochloride (HCL) molecules, to increase efficacy in the production of human growth hormone (HGH). These nutrients work in synergy to maximise the potential for the secretion of anabolic hormones, which control the replication and repair of DNA & RNA, protect the liver, boost immune function and ultimately stimulate the growth and repair of muscle tissue. Using Monkey GRO whilst in a rested state will further increase the production of HGH, which increases the body’s fat burning ability, resulting in a leaner body composition.
Personally, the more I read on this product the less I felt I needed or wanted to take it, HOWEVER, that was for the simple fact I misunderstood and wasn't reading what I should have been. Human growth hormone is something that is produced by the pituitary gland and spurs growth in children and teens, but in the case of the body building community, some use it in synthetic form (though it is also used for medical reasons) in order to help build muscle. This is where I became confused, because this is NOT what Monkey Nutritions product is, instead this product supports (as it states) the naturally produced HGH in your body.

It claims to increase the body's ability to burn fat in a rested state providing of course you do exercise to support this - because taking this alone without working out really won't do much, if anything for you. It's not a magic pill, you've got to put the work in. Now, considering I've been continuing on my weight training journey for a few weeks whilst using GRO alongside training, I do feel as though this product has been providing some support in terms of burning fat, though I don't have any before and afters to show you to support this product for the simple reason that I've had no dramatic transformations in the space of a few weeks that could be noticeably seen my individuals other than myself. I think I'd need to continue using this product for a considerable period of time before any results would be seen, but once again it wouldn't be down to this product alone  - routine and diet would be doing most of the work.

GRO provides a source of amino acids, which are incredibly important when it comes to several bodily functions, including the transport and storage of nutrients and the healing and repair of tissue damage, among many other functions. The formulation of GRO allows the pituitary gland to be stimulated and makes the human growth human naturally produced by our bodies available for the above functions as well as helping to stimulate the bodies ability to burn fat.

Personally I like the sound of that.

I don't find that the product is hard to swallow, or leaves a bad taste, though I would say if you don't like swallowing pills find an alternative because the pills are about 2cm in length.

The one real downside for a poor graduate like myself has to be the cost. I like everything this product offers but for £18.99 for a months supply of tablets, I don't see much of a way I could currently afford or justify buying GRO on a monthly basis. Though, when I have a decent amount of money coming in I wouldn't hesitate.

If you're looking for a product that can help support you on your fitness journey to getting lean, then I think this product has the potential to help you on that journey. I'm by no means an expect in fitness and supplements, but I certainly can see the benefits of taking this product.
*I was given one months supply (60 tablets) of Monkey Nutritions GRO: HGH Support Complex in return for this review

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