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By Issy Goode - 20:54

Before I finished university I worked hard to convince myself that I was happy it was over. I told my friends that going out to the union didn't bother me any more, I was only going to bump into people I didn't get along with (this was after a string of nights out bumping into people I didn't get along with). I told my boyfriend I was happier spending the night in and that I was ready to grow up and get out of university. This wasn't a lie, I just wasn't able to find a balance.

For a long time I'd convinced myself pretty well. I saw the sadness on my friend's face when I told her I was ready to finish uni, I've seen confusion on the faces of others - how can someone want to leave a life that involves such freedom behind?

Some people do. I really didn't. 

Everyone knows graduate life is about struggling to find a job that actually has some relation to your degree, suffering with the lifestyle of an adult but being treated like a child, and moving from rowdy club nights to pub quizzes but, there's more to know about us graduates than just that...

We're suckers for nostalgia 
The aftermath of university brings forth the need to look back at photos and tweets from your university years and of course, only remember all the good things that happened. It's like the initial months after a break up - all you see is every wonderful memory you have of the past years. You can barely look beyond the euphoria you felt in freshers week causing you to totally ignore the dirty dishes, the terrible mess, the shower you shared between 15 people and all the tears that were shed for various dramatic reasons. None of it matters when you're overwhelmed by the fact that come September you won't be going back to university...but we'll cope, somehow.

We won't hesitate to revisit university
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. But three years just wasn't enough to satisfy you. Despite the fact you patted the back of your friend who failed first year and apologised, suddenly their life seems a lot better - they're still there and you're not. Then there's those lucky devils who have 4 or 5 year courses. Towards the end of third year I didn't believe it was possible to manage a fourth year, but now it seems a delight. Fortunately, those that are still studying at university give us graduates the opportunity to return in freshers' week and, well, all year round if we really feel like it.

We'll crave the company of our uni friends a little bit more than those at home
Whilst you may have grown up with your friends from home, knowing them from the age of 5, growing up together and sharing many adventures and secrets, there's something very different about these friends in comparison to your university friends. Those you live with at university and still get along with after 3 years in their constant company are likely to be your friends for life. You know you can bear their disgusting habits, their weird food combinations and basically every good and bad thing about them. There's a bond that can't be understood by everyone between you all.

Moving out is always on your mind
It's an extraordinary graduate who says 'I love living back at home with my parents' and actually means it. Many of us have lived independently for 3/4 years and whilst you would have thought people cooking your meals, doing your washing and keeping the house clean would be a dream, when you know you can manage it yourself, you really would rather that someone would leave it alone. You're made to feel like a child again, and some parents want you to feel like that in order to keep you that way, others probably do it to try and drive you crazy in order to chase you out of the house faster.

Money is always on your mind
There's one big thing moving out needs and that's money. Money which you don't have. If you're a graduate who's borrowed lots of money from your parents - your debts with them still stand and need to be paid first and foremost if that's what they request. Then there's also the case of rent - not many parents will accept zero payment from a graduate under their roof. And of course, you've got those visits back to university, the cost of travelling to work every day, nights chilling out with your mates or going for a nice meal every once in a while - life IS expensive. Student life was bad enough when it came to money but at least the next loan was always around the corner and it always felt like Christmas when it came. Paychecks don't always produce the same happiness because you know your money has more places to disappear off to the moment it's in your pocket.

We get jealous of freshers who are taking our place 
We wish you well but not very secretly we wish we were you. Freshers' week is possibly the most freeing moment of a teenagers life, you have no cares in the world besides the hangover you're going to have the next day, but that will be cured by another stiff drink. You may have to wake up for lectures but by the time the introductions are done you can get straight back to bed and continue being irresponsible when the night comes. And how we envy the fact you have very few responsibilities. 

Graduate life isn't all bad in all honesty, but as I said it's like I'm in break up limbo - my life is moving forward just like that of all the other thousands of graduates out there but then again, going back in time wouldn't be something I'd say no to. 

Once you get to university, don't take a moment for granted!

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  1. I'm still doing my undergrad but I agree with what you're saying! Uni has bad sides, but it's still pretty amazing.

    1. Ah I hope it goes well for you! It's so good when you're there and it makes it so hard when you're a graduate and you know everything that lies ahead for freshers! It's much more exciting and relaxed than adult life...except around exam time of course!


  2. I am already so jealous of freshers coming in this year and I've only just gone into second year.

    1. Aha wait until you're not even at uni then you'll know true envy! x


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