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All thanks to Timehop I came across a post I did summarising my 2013 with one photo per month, which you can check out here. I can't for the life of me think why I didn't keep this up, so I'm bringing it back and here is my 2015:

My last refreshers - 2015 saw us celebrate our last week of excessive drinking ever at university! I found refreshers got more tiring with each year and I couldn't keep up with the late nights and heavy drinking, so I went to a little less of the events during 2015 refreshers, but the ones I went to I throughly enjoyed! We got to watch DJ Kristian Nairn, who you may know better as Hodor in Game of Thrones and we partied with The Hoosiers. 

More excuses to party - So the partying didn't stop after refreshers and there were plenty of things still going and we thought 'why the hell not'. We were busy with dissertations but we took the time to make the most of our final few months! Though Faye, who I'm in this photograph with in February, is still at university so she just helped us celebrate anyway! 

A milestone of 21 years - I was delivered these beautiful flowers to my university house from my family in Cornwall on the morning of my 21st birthday. It was sad not to be with them but it was such a lovely surprise receiving these with a 21 balloon attached. My boyfriend also spoilt me rotten and treated me like royalty. We all decided to visit Pieminister at Trentham Estate and then wondered around the lovely gardens too - if you'd like to read a little more about my birthday, click here

A trip home - As always I returned home for a short while during the Easter break from university and spent some lovely time with my family. We ate lots of food and had belated birthday celebrations for both myself and my auntie, and I spent some time with my niece and nephew too who are growing up so fast! I couldn't spend much time at home as I had to get back to uni to hand in my dissertation *gasps* - I needed to finish proofreading 12,000 words just like 100 more times before I was satisfied and check over the bibliography, hmm maybe, another 50 times? I also needed to get two copies printed and bound and hand it over before the 23rd...which as you can guess, I managed!

Tidying up - Not long after handing over my dissertation, my last few essays of university ever were handed in to the Humanities Office in Chancellors building and I said goodbye to the last bit of control I had over my grades. I had to begin clearing my room up and started by assessing just how many books I'd collected over the years! Most of them are still unfortunately boxed up in my bedroom at my parents house, much to their delight!

The last university celebrations - Once my housemates and boyfriend had handed in their last assignments I was finally, after weeks watching Netflix, given the opportunity to celebrate. It was of course time for Woodstoke, Keele's end of year mini festival, and time to start our goodbyes. I also had to say goodbye to my lovely university house which I really did love. It was messy and things broke that the landlord took a while to fix but I had a big spacious room with a double bed and an en suite. I also lived with some of my closest friends and had the freedom of student life. 

After saying goodbye to university, I moved in with my boyfriend and his family in early June. I then successfully got a new job and received my dissertation results of a first and my overall degree results of a 2:1, chuffed!

Graduation - When I look at 2015 in photos I realise how fast it all really did fly by! On Monday 13th July I attended my boyfriend's graduation and I also got to catch up with Faye who was attending her boyfriend's graduation too. I was so proud to watch my boyfriend graduate with a 2:1 MPharm degree. We stayed in a cute little cottage my parents had rented out in a tiny village in the Stoke area during the graduation week and it did make things a little rushed being 40 minutes away from Keele, but we made it on time both days. On the 14th it was my turn to graduate and it was so lovely to see Sara and Jen, pictured in this photo with me, celebrating our time together at university. 

On the road again - This time my boyfriend drove us down to Cornwall! It was an absolute delight to not have to rely on trains and buses and instead have music playing, have someone to chat to and stop at cute little service stations. We only went for 4 days as Michael couldn't get much time off work so on Friday we met our friends in Bude and then drove the rest of the way down to Porthleven later the next day to break the drive up for Michael, having only passed his test less than 2 months prior! I had a lovely weekend with my family, visiting the beaches and seeing my Grandma who had just come out of having another knee replacement. We also watched my dad try out paddle boarding, I was tempted to join him but the chill of the sea really put me off (I wish I was more adventurous). It was short and sweet as my visits to Cornwall seem to always be as of late! 

And on the road again - I managed to meet up with all the girls in August, and then in September I popped down to Sheffield for some quality time with Faye before she headed off for her final year at university. My boyfriend went off to catch up with his university friends in Northampton so I took the chance to visit Faye and we had a brilliant time catching up, shopping and dancing the night away like we love to do together!  

A Pass - I began taking driving lessons in early July having never sat at the wheel of a car before and I booked a test for what I thought seemed far off in the future. October came around and my driving instructor and I agreed that I needed a little more time, however, the next available test date wasn't until December which I wasn't happy to wait for, so whether it was wise or stupid, I went ahead with my test on the 29th October and to my relief, passed first time! 

A Trip to the Harry Potter Studios - So on the road we went again I guess! We drove down to Watford to stay at a hotel not too far from the studios. There we met up with my sister, mum and my niece and having not seen them since August it was lovely to catch up! We went out for dinner on the first night there at Carluccio's; the food was great and the company was even better. My boyfriend and I also used the getaway as a chance to celebrate our two year anniversary. If you'd like to read about the tour of the studios, click here

Christmas in Cornwall - I was really lucky to get a few days off work to spend Christmas with my family! I had 8 days off in total and spent 6 of them back home to catch up with my family. I hadn't returned home by myself and spent some quality time with my family since April so I really treasured the time I spent down there! If you'd like to read about my relaxing family Christmas in Cornwall, click here.

Overall, 2015 was a pretty good year! I hope my blog continues to grow in 2016, I've had real ups and downs keeping on top of things in regards to blogging this year as my final months of university took up a lot of time, and soon after finishing uni I went straight into the working world. So I hope in 2016 I find a little more balance. I'll have a new Day Zero Challenge, having run out of time for my previous one in October, which will obviously include some things that I hope to achieve in 2016!

And to you my lovely readers, happy new year! I hope you all had a wonderful time last night whatever you got up to and that you have loads to look forward to in 2016!

Do leave a comment with your 2016 posts, I'd love to read what everyone's goals are!

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  1. I wish I had the time and patience to go through like this because it was such a lovely read, especially seeing how much you've achieved! 2015 really does look like it was amazing for you and you've done so much! I hope 2016 is fabulous too :) xxx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

    1. Haha yeah it did take a while! Thank you so much :) It was pretty good I'd say! Thank you lovely, you too! xxx

  2. Sounds like you have had a wonderful year. Congratulations on graduating and on passing your driving test! You must be so relieved and proud of yourself!


    1. Thanks so much for reading! I was very, and I am! Thank you :) x

  3. What a year you've had! I love recapping my months so I don't forget anything. Yours looks so jammed packed though!! Well done for your uni grades and new job, too! xxx


    1. It certainly has been quite the year! It's always lovely isn't it :) Haha it didn't feel as jam packed as it probably seems, everything was quite spread out! Thank you :) xxx


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