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So, it's time to pay another visit to a final year student. I had the pleasure of being friends with Krisi at Truro College and when it came to picking her next place to study, she decided to stay a little closer to home (a choice which I sometimes envy!), and studied Graphic Design at Falmouth University...

Have you enjoyed your time at university? 
I've really enjoyed my time at University! Without wanting to sound cliché, it has definitely been some of the best years of my life. 

Do you have any regrets? 
Not really, apart from maybe wishing I had done more in first year and gotten more involved with the activities and societies. Once you get to second and especially third year you start to realize how much free time you had and how much you took it for granted! 

Is there something that you really wish you had done, but never got the chance to?
I don’t think there is anything I’ve missed out on! I’d say I’ve had a pretty standard and well rounded University experience overall! 

What was the highlight of your university years? 
There are so many things to choose from! Probably the study trip we went on in Second year- going to Amsterdam with a group of close friends, and getting to visit so many great design studios and museums was amazing, and definitely gave me a renewed passion for my course. 

How do you feel you’ve changed over the years? 
We were given a postcard in our first week of the course and asked to write to ‘future us’. We were given them back recently and I can definitely say I’m a bit more ‘fun’ now- First year me tried to be all serious, telling me to ‘not get too drunk before lectures’ and ‘remember to call home’. All important points- but I’ve definitely developed more of a ‘work hard, play hard’ ethos over the years! Also I can pay bills and do other grown up things now, so there’s that… 

Has your friendship group changed much?
Definitely! I didn’t move far to go to University, but most of my close friends did! I do still see my old college and school friends from time to time when they’re home, and I’m still good friends with a few who stuck around. – but obviously I spend more time with friends I’ve met at Uni . What was your biggest achievement (doesn’t have to be academic)? Finishing my degree! It may sound silly, but getting through all of those all nighters and making it out in one piece without failing is definitely an achievement! Also losing the weight I put on during freshers and second year (all 45lbs of it!) is something I don’t really like to ‘brag’ about, but I am pretty proud of.

Do you feel like going to university has been worthwhile? 
Again, definitely - I’ve learned so much and it has opened so many doors to me. It’s helped me mature as a person as well as a designer, so it was definitely worthwhile. What are your plans now?

I’m currently volunteering at the National Maritime Museum over the summer, helping out with their educational activities, and have an interview in two weeks for a PGCE course starting in September. (So fingers crossed!) 

How do you feel about graduation day?

A bit nervous that I’ll trip over myself in front of everyone, but also excited! Our Chancellor Dawn French should be there- so that’s pretty cool. What was it like doing a final year project? A bit mental at times- having 3 projects that ran throughout the entire year was a huge change from how I was used to working- but it was great fun too. And it was great to finally see them all set up for our final degree show. 

What advice would you give to students going into their final year? 
Make the most of it! Try not to be overwhelmed by the workload, and take any and every opportunity that is offered to you. 

What was the best night out you had at university? 
It’s going to sound a bit lame, but probably the themed Pirate Party night during freshers. Going out with your flatmates you’ve only known a few days during ridiculous themed freshers events at the SU is always great fun. 

How did freshers week feels as a final year? 
I didn’t get a chance to attend freshers week during my final year- but watching all of the freshers going out and having fun, just starting out at University, definitely made me nostalgic! Everything during first year felt so grown up and exciting; moving out, meeting new people, starting a new course, whereas starting third year just seemed a bit daunting. 

How did your nights out change as university went on?

I definitely went out more in first year- during second and third year I had a lot less free time to spend going out or being hungover. But I like to think that just meant that when I did go out, I really made the most of it, haha.

Would you do it all again? 

Absolutely! University has been the best experience and I’d give anything to wind the clock back 3 years! (Although maybe not if it meant I had to do all the work again)

Do you plan on settling down near your university, moving back home, or going somewhere new? 

I currently live with my boyfriend of 2 years, and we’re planning on staying in Falmouth for a while so that I can complete my PGCE. After that- who knows! I’d love to get out of Cornwall and explore a bit though. 
 (And the last questions that everyone hates to hear) 

What’s your plan after graduation?

‘The plan’ is to complete a PGCE, and become an A Level/FE Graphic Design lecturer - or possibly branch off into some other form of creative education. I’d definitely love to try my hand at museum and history related informal education- so we’ll just have to see!
*All photos are courtesy of Krisi 

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