Gemweyth Sea Glass Jewellery Review

By Issy Goode - 19:05

You may well know that I've recently returned from my annual Christmas in Cornwall, which was absolutely lovely. Whilst on holiday I had the chance to catch up with one of my closest friends, Becky. I've always loved going for walks along the coastline and around the countryside of Cornwall and me and Beck have most definitely been on some adventurous, tiring and muddy treks in our time. Becky's always been that much more adventurous and is 100% a Cornish lass. She probably spends as much time in the sea as she does out of it, whereas I'm more likely to be the one sat on the sidelines enjoying a pasty. Having moved away to Cardiff for University, Becky's now back and has settled right into her home again, and this time, she's found a new ocean related hobby. 

Cornwall is, as many of you know I'm sure, a place of natural beauty - and if you didn't know, just take a look at the photo below - and Becky has taken that beauty and made it into elegant bespoke jewellery that is inspired and partially formed by the beautiful sea itself.

All of Becky's products are handmade and completely individual. The glass used in her jewellery is collected from local Cornish beaches, just like the one above, and she doesn't just select any old bits and bobs, she can spend hours sifting through the sand on the Cornish coastline to find the perfect pieces that inspire her products. Michael and I went for a walk down to Poldu Beach during the Christmas break and even helped her do some searching, to no avail, but we could see what a keen eye she had for spotting the perfect glass, an eye that we clearly didn't have. I think at one point Michael even picked up a Cuttlefish bone...clearly, not quite what we were looking for! 

To Becky, making her Gemweyth - which means Jewellery in Cornish - is a means of recycling or even up-cycling the products that are formed by the seas' crashing waves. Each piece is uniquely shaped and comes from the heart of the Cornish coastline, and for Becky, the jewellery all came to be when she realised her own personal collection of sea glass had got a bit out of hand. To say she's a hoarder of items washed up on our shores is probably an understatement, but the fact that she's chosen to share the pieces she's found is a delight for the rest of us. After all, a beautiful collection like this deserves to be shown off, and what better way than this!  

Some of the glass is harder to come by then others, and personally, having never thought to pay attention, I can't say I've really seen any of the quality and colour that Becky managers to discover. She combines some of her pieces with silver-plated charms inspired also by the sea, such as anchors, mermaids and shells, which add just that extra touch to her bespoke products. On request, Becky is also happy to accept special orders, but as this jewellery is almost entirely determined by what the sea will wash up that day, she makes no guarantees and stands by the individuality of each piece she creates. 

Whilst a little biased, I'm very impressed by the quality of the jewellery that Becky produces and can 100% say she puts so much time and effort into each piece. So, whether you're Cornish through and through, a local resident of the area, or just passing by - you definitely need to snap up some of these entirely unique pieces. 

If you'd like to view more of Becky's products or place an order, head over to the Gemweyth Sea Glass Facebook page, here

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