Sudio Tre Earphones Review*

By Issy Goode - 21:30

Over the years, I've become a more active person. It would astound some of my old school friends to hear this, but I like to exercise; I like to go to the gym and lift weights, I like to go running in the week and cycle to work. Just two weeks ago I spent four days hiking in Peru to reach Machu Picchu. One thing is for sure, I've certainly changed over the years.

But one thing that hasn't changed is the style of earphones I use. I find I'm unfocused during a workout without earphones in and my music playing, though I have to say, the wires don't always want to play ball. Some of my workout clothes lack pockets, which seems frankly ridiculous (why did I ever buy them?), and the ones that have pockets sit along my back - depending on what exercise you're doing, this isn't always the most comfortable of locations. But when I have no awkwardly positioned pocket to even turn to, I have to commit to doing a workout that involves never having a reason to put my phone down or being able to have it within wire reach which is pretty restrictive and not always possible. Alas, more often than not I have to abandon my earphones throughout multiple segments of my workout and resign myself to listening to loud conversations, normally unintentionally, and/or whatever they're playing in the gym. 

I don't know about your gym, but mine has normal television programmes on the go on the main TV, which is connected to the main sound system that we cannot control, so it's Eastenders or Bargain Hunt...and no music...almost all of the time. I can't think why I would wear earphones there. 

So when I'm not having to abandon my earphones, everything should be A-OK right? Wrong. Two words: caught wires. Whenever I'm prancing about the house, cleaning and singing, I get caught on numerous objects. Again, it's a pocket related issue in most instances. I'm wearing leggings and a baggy t-shirt, I've not a pocket in sight, I put my phone down and then my earbud is suddenly being violently plucked out of my ear as I catch the wires on a door handle. 

So, maybe I need more pockets? 

Or maybe I need less wires?

These little babies have saved my workouts, saved my cleaning sprees and saved my ears. 

I honestly don't think I've appreciated a material possession more than I have these earphones. I was a fan of Sudio before, having tried out both their Klang and Vasa earphones, but now I just love them even more. The Tre earphones follow a similar design to the Klang and Vasa, with flat wires that rest easy along the back of your neck. The one thing I loved most about this flat wire design is the lack of tangling it equates to. I can fold them away easily into their leather case and know they won't come out in a mangled mess. Even if I'm in a rush and I have to wind them up and slot them in my pocket, again I know I won't regret it when I get them back out. However, the main benefit of these is the bluetooth feature which means...less wires!

I've wanted bluetooth earphones for some time now due to all the reasons aforementioned, but I'm fussy about brands and designs, so I've held it off. But when I was given the opportunity to review the newly launched earphones created by a brand I already believe in and trust, I was more than excited. 

As you can guess, I've not been disappointed. 

The sound quality is, as always with Sudio, clear and perfect. I use these everyday on my cycle or walk to work, and I can confidently go on my way knowing they won't be dangling out my ears with every movement I make. The design of the earbud is tipped so it follows the shape of your ear and sits comfortably. This also makes it incredibly easy to change earbuds - or 'wing tips' as Sudio refers to them on this model - they have simple notches that slide out rather than buds that stretch over the earphone and these aren't at all fiddly to get into place.

I can also confidently get into my workout routine knowing that Songs of Praise will not distract me. Tre earphones block out sound just right - I don't need to put the volume to max on my phone just to block everything out, I can happily have my volume below the 'dangerous' zone my iPhone indicates and still block out the noise around me.

The battery life has only thrown me on one occasion. Once connected on your phone via bluetooth, it shows both your battery and the battery left on the earphones - as you can see to the left. When I was walking home once my battery showed as 20% on the Sudio Tre earphones but then they went dead. I was a little disappointed but since then I've not had the same issue. I've been using them for three weeks for up to 1-3 hours a day and I have only had to charge them twice so far, so I'm personally pretty pleased! They only take 2 hours for a full charge and can last for up to 9 hours at a time (when active).

Overall, I'm really impressed with these earphones. They're definitely cut out for my lifestyle, however, I did give them one last test today and that was against some high intensity interval training. The wings stayed in my ear just about, but it was the left hand block built to match the right hand control that weighed me down a little. I found when I was jumping around doing high intensity, it weighed down the earphones a lot more than it had with previous exercises I had tested them out on. It's certainly manageable and aesthetically I can see why this is there, it was only a minor irritation to have to readjust on a few occasions to stop the buds falling out - mind you, it was no where close to the irritation caused by wired earphones during workouts!

It's pros definitely outweigh the very minor con that I have picked up on!

Now I'm no tech geek, but I know a good pair of earphones when I listen in for a good few weeks but  if you want to really understand the spec, click here.

You can also view the rest of the range here and using code MISSISGOODE15 you can receive 15% off your purchase.

I would highly recommend these earphones, as I have all of Sudio's products that I have tried and tested so far. The quality is by far the best I've experienced in both sound and design, and I've yet to be disappointed with a model they have made. If you're looking to experience bluetooth earphones, I'd definitely recommend Sudio Tre. 
*I was sent a pair of Sudio Tre earphones for review

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  1. hi does it fall out when u are running and jumping ?

    1. Hey, so sorry for the late reply! Not at all from my experience! As they come with a selection of different sized buds you can find the fit for you. I've done HIIT, Yoga, running and cycling with them and didn't have any issues with them falling out :)

  2. Hi!!! Have you ever used it when its rainning? i just bought it and i always run in the rain! I'm afraid is gonna stop working...

    1. Hey! Sorry for the late reply, I haven't used them in a really big downpour but have in a bit of a shower - I usually keep my hood up though, but when I've been caught in the rain they haven't been affected. The wires are protected and I can't imagine the water getting right into the buds with them in your ears! :)


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