50 Things About Me

By Issy Goode - 15:53

I saw this bloghop on Purplecrazymum's blog and I thought about how good it was to know more about the person behind the blog you read. And after going onto City Girl Gone Coastal and reading 50 things about her, I thought I'd also have a go. The chances are, most people probably know these things about me, but for those who don't, here's your chance to find out 50 things about me:

1. My full name is Isobelle - a mixture of the French and English spelling
2. My natural hair colour is a hideous blonde colour - can you tell I disliked it?
3. I used to have an obsession with shirts, and wore them with everything. Yep even dresses.
4. I've had my nose pierced three times
5. I accidentally cracked a friend's head open one time at a beach party and people thought I killed her and buried her in the sand (I didn't just to let you know, she went off in an ambulance and was totally fine)
6. I drink because it's social, not always because I enjoy it
7. I'm quite scared of the sea... (why do I live in Cornwall)
8. I don't go to the beach nearly enough for where I live
9. I love dogs & cats
10. I've been abroad twice to France and Tunisia and want to travel so so much more!
11. My favourite colours at the moment are duck egg blue, mint & light pink
12. I didn't drink on my 18th birthday or go out until about 3 months after it
13. I always carry Vaseline with me - I'm a bit obsessed with it
14. I don't have a specific talent
15. I don't know what I want to do when I finish uni
16. I have a black belt in Karate
17. And trained for it for 7 years
18. I played drums for 3 years
19. There's around 20 or more instruments in my house (many of them different guitars) - none of which I play
20. I hate confrontations
21. I prefer to just pretend something never happened
22. And I let people get away with a lot sometimes
23. I have an awful temper if you do manage to get me into a confrontation
24. That's why I prefer to avoid them
25. I'm far too relaxed when it comes to exams
26. Meeting new people makes me more nervous than taking an exam
27. I've watched Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End several times in one day before
28. My favourite film is Stand By me
29. I've broken two bones
30. The first was my elbow and I fell off a climbing frame when I was five
31. The second was my wrist and my sister jumped on me for putting cardboard down her trousers when I was ten
32. I genuinely got worried I was going to break a bone every five years
33. I have a cat named after the president Franklin D. Roosevelt
34. We tend to just call him Frank
35. But his nickname is 'Pigwig' because he's really fat
36. My favourite animal when I was younger was a pig
37. I have well over ten teddy pigs from when I was younger still some where around my house
38. I've collected 5p's for 4 years
39. And last year bought a new camera with some of my collection
40. I've had five boyfriends with a name that begins with the letter J
41. And since 2009 I haven't had a boyfriend whose name hasn't began with J, until 2013
42. My parents were going to name me Francesca
43. Until they thought about nicknames and that one could possibly be 'Fanny'
44. I text far too much
45. I used to be terrified of ordering food in a cafe or restaurant so I used to get my friends to do it for me
46. I've camped more times without a tent than I have with
47. I slept in a quarry once
48. I don't believe in love at first sight
49. But I do believe in fate
50. I can't wait to get married, but I haven't been planning my wedding since I was a little girl, only since I was about 19

I hope you enjoyed reading 50 random things about me, there's more to me than just that though I swear! Head over to City Girl Gone Coastal to read 50 things about her and the other lovely bloggers!

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  1. Love the randomness of your list! I like to think I have a black belt in karate, I don't have any but doesn't stop me!

    5ps for 4 years, I can't even imagine the container that would need, but I don't like coins, so ick!

    Anyhoo, thanks so much for joinng in, and you're right it is nice to find out more about the person behind the blog!

    1. Thank you. Haha if you think it you can do it!

      You don't like coins?! Ah it wasn't a huge container actually, but I counted them every week along with my copper collection aha.

      I enjoyed writing this list and thought how brilliant it was for a bloghop!

  2. I love this one, you sound young and free, exactly as you should at 18.
    I want to do one, but I'm not sure how many i can think of! Xx

    1. aha thank you, it is exactly how I am! Ah do it, took me quite some time but it's quite nice when you manage 50! xx


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