Let It Fall for Refreshers

By Issy Goode - 16:45

Apologies for my absence everyone, my week off meant there wasn't a lot going on up here in Keele...except, snow! It has most definitely arrived in Keele! Living in Cornwall, you really don't see much of it, so I can't lie when I say I was a little excited. Except getting stuck in Stoke for a good two hours after a trip to Birmingham last Thursday due to the weather conditions! 
Not the greatest of photos, but this is the view I have from my block!
Some of my block took a walk into Keele woods whilst I was unfortunately stuck in Stoke!

We're on day five of refreshers week so far, and day three of our second semester. Refreshers so far has been pretty amazing. We've had an end of exams party, a headphone disco, DJ Jaguar Skills play on Monday night, and tonight we've got a 999 themed 'flirt!' night. I myself am not dressing up, we couldn't find any costumes we deemed good enough to wear! What I'm looking forward to the most is the Refreshers Ball on Friday, it's James Bond themed, with Bond lookalikes, a bond car and what the SU claims as their biggest themed night to date! Hopefully I'll get some good photos of all of us in our Black Tie gear.

My results from last semester are slowly coming in, I've received my results for an American Lit module, in which I got a 2:2, not my best, but I'll try to improve on that this semester! I'm now just awaiting my exam results for my compulsory English Lit module and feedback from my two other long essays, and hopefully they shall be good, fingers crossed!

Today, we did a spot of house hunting. The SU held a housing fair where we got information on houses we could go view, lots of numbers, details, and three, possibly four, viewings. So I'd consider it a partial success...the success will be when we actually put a deposit down on a place. Fingers crossed for that too! We're looking for a house for six people, which we've been warned is quite a task, one which we are determined to conquer.

Good luck to anyone else on the hunt for a place to stay next year! And if you, like me, are still enjoying your refreshers week, I hope tonight and/or the rest of the week is brilliant for you!

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  1. Good luck with the house hunt!

    1. Thank you! I hope we manage to get one all together!


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