You Are What You Eat

By Issy Goode - 12:21

As a student there's no denying that a large majority of us survive on repetitive meals that aren't always all that creative, and the reason for this usually boils down to one single factor: laziness.

I must admit it can be a lot of effort to muster the energy to cook a great meal for just yourself to appreciate, but it sure beats eating the same few meals every week and having no choice but to be ecstatic when the holidays come about so you can finally have a home cooked meal. I know I got pretty fed up of pasta, pesto and cheese within a pretty quick amount time (I know, I'm in the wrong for saying such a thing, it is still delicious but not several times a week).

So, I thought I'd give other students a hand with getting out of the boring side of eating (there's a boring side?!). If you haven't already got out of the stage of repetitive meals and gone rouge, I urge you to do so before you turn into a pizza. Or even a Dominoes representative.

My main suggestion is something that I decided on even before university - pairing up with someone. This means one of two things; if you can cook, you have a servant to wash up after you, or if you cannot cook, you have dinner cooked for you. It's a win win situation. It also means you have two minds to come up with ideas for dinner - doing a meal plan is always best, or at least have in your head (and obviously the correct supplies in your fridge and cupboard) the meals you want to make each week.

Between two of us, Faye and I, would usually spend just under £20 on food for dinner for the week - we don't shop together at this current moment in time, because in all honesty I'm pretty broke so either eat at my lovely boyfriend's place or turn to my soup stash (don't call me a hypocrite now for suggesting you try different meals, sympathise - I'm poor). Usually the main things being pasta, meat, cheese, veg and various sauces that help us to create meals that we actually enjoy - rather than find repetitively boring.

So, keep an eye out for some of my latest creations of evening meals. I'll be posting a few up every few days or so, with details of the ingredients and technique in hope to inspire us students to step back from the pizza delivery!

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