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By Issy Goode - 20:06

I was inspired by fellow blogger Liv (check out her blog too!) to interview freshers' about their first year experience. I've gone up and down the country (via social networks) and found myself a great lot of freshers' finishing up their first year. First things first, fresher number one:

Cecily (center) is 19, originally from Cornwall, living off campus at the University of Liverpool studying Occupational Therapy.

What's the best thing about your uni?
The best thing about Liverpool is the size of the city and the nightlife. Everyone is so friendly, especially the scouse taxi drivers. A night out here is like no other. Everyone is so glamorous and it has officially made me addicted to fake tan. There are so many nightclubs to choose from you honestly have no excuse not to go out.

What's the worst thing about your uni?
The halls are a bit grotty, especially off campus, most of the halls are catered. In all fairness though, you just get used to them. At first I hated sharing 2 showers and 2 loos with 10 other people, but as a student you don't expect the Ritz.

Have you enjoyed your first year?
I've loved first year, its been hard being so far from home at times but now I don't want to go back. I've made so many new friends through housemates and the course. 

What's your course like?
 My course is pretty full on, there's a lot of contact hours and lectures, but I don't mind as it's leading me to my dream job, and my friends on the course are going to be friends for life. 

What's the best memory you've had of your first year?
Probably meeting everyone and finding out I had so much in common with them! And also being able to go out whenever I want, without worrying (as those who live in Cornwall will understand) about how I'm going to get home.

How would you describe your freshers week?
Freshers week was actually a huge blur! I honestly don't remember half of it (drink moderately kids!). I remember having leaflet after leaflet shoved under my door about club nights and endless silent discos and traffic light parties. I went out most nights par 2, and yeah it was good, but I would say that some of my best nights have actually been further on in the year, when you've made your friendship groups. Half of the people I went out with in freshers I hardly ever see or speak too now. 

What's the best and worst things about living off campus?
Living off you live more like a student. The halls I'm in I would consider to be the most social, and it's where most of the UK students are. The on campus accommodation, I've been told, is a lot more isolated. The thing you have to compromise in order to really experience the social aspect of Uni life at Liverpool is the sacrifice of having self catered accommodation. The food is pretty crap but everyone is eating the same thing and there is always a cooked breakfast (with lots of bacon!) on hand when you are suffering from a really bad hangover!

Has university disappointed you or would you say it met/exceeded your expectations?
From seeing my brother and sisters all go to uni and love it, I would say that it has met my expectations. I didn't have the ensuite that they all did but actually I think I've experienced real student life in my first year! I've had my phone stolen, lost my keys, my bankcard and even got a black eye (not in a fight though!). I'm pretty sure none of my siblings experienced that, so in my eyes, I've loved it!

 What's your best money saving tip? 
If you come up north, then it is possible to go on a night out with a tenner - so don't take out more than you need to! And save up before you come to uni, because my first student loan payment came in 2 weeks late, and I ended up spending £300 in freshers from my savings. 

What's your best way to de-stress?
Go shopping, go and see your housemates, the usual stuff really. At home I'd usually have a bath, but in halls that would be more stressful than relaxing. 

What advice would you give to the freshers of 2013/14?
Don't worry about the lecture the next morning, most people are hungover too. Speak to everyone even if you don't think you'll get on with them later on. Remember: everyone is in exactly the same boat as you.

Just for fun:

What drinking game would you pass onto the freshers of 2013/14?
Ring of fire!

Any embarrassing moments?
Oh, plenty!

What's your best hangover cure?
Berocca, and a cooked breakfast, but NO DAIRY!

Any last words?

If you'd like any more information about student life at the University of Liverpool, contact me, and I'll get you in contact with Cecily.

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  1. Great interview Issy. And nice to meet Cecily. It's fun to hear about the experience of going off to college first hand. Nice job girls.

    1. Thank you! There's plenty more to come as well! Everyone's experience is different to my own, so it's really interesting doing these interviews!

  2. aw this was a really nice post! I loved the interview. Great job girl!


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