It's Tough Dating a Grown-Up

By Issy Goode - 14:39

I apologise if this title makes me sound like a 15 year old girl you knew of in school that paraded her 21 year old boyfriend who, if you hadn't heard, owns a car. But have no fear, I'm of legal consent and my boyfriend's too poor for a I don't even have that to brag about. 

It's nearing the time for university to recommence, meaning it's also time for my boyfriend to finish his stint in education forever. Whilst I'll be sad to see him leave, I think it's fair enough that he's sick and tired of putting pen to paper in an educational environment, and from the amount he's been complaining in the past few months, he's more than ready to be released from Keele. He's got one foot in the doorway of adulthood and I just bought my freshers pass, and I'm not even a first year...

Down your drink fresher second year who hasn't come to terms with growing up.

With him all ready to act like - because actually becoming a grown up doesn't seem remotely fun - an adult, it's made me realise how unprepared I am to become anything more than a fresher. I like to think there's other people having this mini-meltdown about growing up, and having a boyfriend who's 5 years ahead of you in life isn't exactly helpful for this attack of ageing anxiety. I am really looking forward to the next year and I'm hoping I can successfully manage to work as hard as I plan to, but it's pretty daunting that I only have 2 years before I graduate and then start looking for a career. 

It's tough dating a grown up because it makes you realise how close you yourself are to the gaping mouth and ferocious claws of corporations, desk jobs, bills and an income that can't be thrown so abundantly towards cider bottles and vodka shots.

So, does any one else want to avoid ageing with me in my blanket and pillow fort?

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