Freshers' Week? More Like Foolish Week

By Issy Goode - 15:11

Don't take the title as a suggestion I haven't had another amazing freshers', because it has been seriously awesome but a lot of drinking has gone on in the past week and I haven't had time to catch up on life!

Firstly, we have a house! We're a little family now and I'll soon be adding a photo up of the place (I've lost my camera charger so I'm having a bit of an issue!). So far, it's been amazing, the place does get messy but as a team we manage to make it look spiffing once more. We've only had one cut out of the electric from running out of credit - had to be when I was showering though didn't it?

Our first week here consisted of a lot of drinking. Surprise, surprise? We christened the place on move in day, minus two comrades, but invited friends over to help us celebrate. As always, we got shamefully drunk but definitely had a good one! The rest of the week was no different, with Thursday and Friday consisting of an empty night out in town and another night in having drinks with friends.

Then, there were six. Deacon and Sara arrived to their housemates still drunk in the early afternoon (having yet to sober up for practically the whole week). I felt sorry for Sara's brother who I chatted to drunk, updated Sara on a noise complaint we'd had and the messy week it had been, and probably acted like a total fool. I'm surprised he didn't drag her off back home!

Saturday was a blur, it was the Icebreaker Disco where hundreds attend the free before 10pm entry and the usual cheap drinks. It was sweaty. That's about all I can say about that night! Sunday was an awful day that I'm certain didn't happen! I decided to day drink and I can't say I stopped for almost the whole day and night, so that's that! I had a drunken bit of fun on a bouncy castle causing injury to my elbows, thought they were supposed to be fun?! We also watched my housemates band Clock House play, and from what I can remember, as usual they were awesome. 

All ready for the first night of freshers'! The photos are from my friends iPhone so excuse the quality!

Monday hit me with a morning hangover, so during the day I had made the decision to attempt a sober night at the union. Having pre-drinks with the girls sipping my fruit and barley juice was odd as I watched them slowly get more and more tipsy, and of course at the union it just got worse. Drunk people and noise were everywhere, I ordered my tap water whilst Sara grabbed a double vodka and lemonade and after a bit of drama between some friends, I decided being sober was just making me moody and I wasn't having any fun. Shamefully at this point I totally failed to turn down shot after shot from drunken friends, though I still remembered my night entirely which was a great feeling!

And theeeeeeen, by the next day the whole idea of ever going 'tee total' was thrown right out of the window. I had been considering attempting if for a few months but being back at university made me realise how much I enjoyed it, I always have a laugh and so far nothing awful has happened! I'm sure it never will but if I've yet to harm myself (short term anyway!) or anyone else, so I don't see the reason to stop if I'm enjoying myself! 

Now, Wednesday was definitely the craziest of nights! It was a Mexican themed night where many people were dressed up in poncho's and sombrero's. Did I do the same? Nope. I, with a few friends, made the decision to take crayon face paints out to the SU. By the end of the night all of our friends were covered in moustaches with love notes and names scrawled all over us, head to toe. And to our dismay, it won't rub off. Never shall I ask every friend I see to sign me. 

Being drawn all over! Seemed like a fantastic idea at the time!

Yesterday saw our first break from alcohol after 9 days of drinking, I'm almost re-cooperated ready for tonight. It's the second to last night of freshers' week, with Professor Green ready to put on a show for us. Everyone who's going, have a good night! 

I would say I'll have one for those who aren't going, but after my week, it's a calm night for me!

P.s. The reason I call this week 'foolish week', is because deciding to drink as much as I have has been ridiculously foolish! 

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    1. Hey thank you! They very poor quality haha!

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