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By Issy Goode - 13:07

I've always considered myself as pretty independent, even from the innocent age of 14 where I'd make my own way to and from friends houses, stay out for days at a time and even cook dinner for the whole family. But now I've been properly chucked into independence, in a house with 5 close friends, and it's now I realise how much I need my Mum. Not for reasons of homesickness of's just that my washing pile has really stacked up. (love you Mum!)

It's now I've come to realise how lacking in independence I am, but not because I don't know how to do things like some students, it's simply because I am the single most lazy person in the entire world. The only thing I don't mind doing is washing up, I find it incredibly therapeutic, however when there's 5 to a kitchen and a drunken night out every other night, the kitchen never stands a chance at staying tidy, so it becomes a source of moaning. 

Our worse habit is failing to take the bins out, after a rough night at Carnage last Thursday and bin night falling on the Friday morning, we neglected to consider the dreaded bins. They're annoyingly - and quite disgustingly in my opinion - collected every two weeks, with the recycling being collected in the weeks the bins aren't. But when you miss bin day, it doesn't fair well for your back garden. Between the six of us we produce a monumental amount of rubbish, we can't even comprehend how we manage to have so much crap to throw away. The recycling we understand; beer bottles, vodka bottles and many a mixer bottle...that's mainly our diets so we can't argue with that. 

Aside from our stacked up bin bags and the constant fear of rats in our garden, we're all a bit lazy when it comes to doing our washing too. I'm definitely the worst. Since we've been back - 4 weeks going on 5 - I've done one wash...yep ONE. It's pretty ridiculous. I even went to the effort and expense of buying a whole new duvet cover because I didn't want to wash the one I had...when I write that down I realise how ridiculous it is. The first wash I did, I managed to dye all my white clothes pink. This didn't happen at all in first year, and this time the trusted colour catcher betrayed me. 

You see how I kind of need my mum now? Or anyone willing to be a pseudo-mum? 

My room's also become a pain in the arse to keep tidy. On several occaisions it has become a room for pre-drinks, especially when Faye recommends karaoke pre-drinks - this isn't a drinking game, it just consists of us sitting on my unbelievably comfortable bed with drinks in hand whilst we listen to Faye sing along (awfully - don't worry we've been very vocal about what we think of her singing voice) to Britney Spears songs. It's always quite hilarious, but with so many people always coming in and out of my room, it doesn't exactly stay tidy. I haven't had a big room in a long time and I'm well known for being a really messy person as it is, so this big room thing isn't working out well for me!

I don't think I even want to admit to my financial ruin, but I've been horrendous with my finances this year. I made a folly coming to university over a month earlier than we actually started as it took a big £500 chunk out of my loan, and it's had a huge knock on affect on my finances...I'm basically more skint then I've ever been and have no choice but to accept I'll be dipping back into my overdraft sooner rather than later, which I'm not remotely happy about. Please sponsor an abandoned dog like me.

I hope everyone else's independent living is going more successfully than mine, because so far all it's proved to me is that I'm absolutely crap at being an adult, I love nights out far too much...oh and the course thing, that's going well actually! Good luck for the rest of the semester and keep your hands out of your bank accounts, or else you'll end up like me...having to not go out again until Halloween. Don't miss me too much Keele SU.

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  1. Aww I really feel for you! (I've obviously got my Mummy hat on) - the whole shared living thing I just couldn't do. I met Mr H when he was in 3rd year at Uni & The state of the kitchen was horrendous I'd come to stay for the weekend & end up cleaning their whole house they really struggled with the rat infestation too! It's amazing at 14 years old how much of a 'grown up' we all thought we were... its not until you move out you realise how much your parents done for you. I honestly still struggle to keep up with the washing urgh the clothes bin is full already! Enjoy still being at uni. Enjoy your nights out. Enjoy not having huge huge responsibilities. :) - have you been watching 'Hotel of mum & dad' on bbc3? xxx

    1. I think it's made a lot easy by the fact I'm really good friends with all my housemates, and that we lived together last year, so I'm hardly surprised by the mess, it's more when we have friends round it causes problems! God I couldn't deal with that! I do quite enjoy cleaning though, when I get started I won't stop but it's getting started that's the issue! Washing is just such a pain! Especially bedding! This is true, I still don't have to pay bills as of yet! Yes! I love it! I don't think I'm nearly as bad as some of the idiots on there! xxx

  2. Unlike my friend bex I can't find an ounce of pity or sympathy for you ha! I think you all need a kick up the bum before you do get rats! You neglected to tell me that you have so many bins cos you didn't take them out! Lolx

    1. Do you wanna live with these lot? They're not the tidiest of people! I feel like I spend my life with my hands in a washing up bowl! To be fair, only 5 of us went out and we left pretty early, so Deacon could've put the bins out and we could've just made it up to him for doing it alone! We don't actually have THAT many bins, there's only about 6 that have piled up over 2 weeks, so it's not majorly bad, the recycling's bigger! xxx

  3. Are your bins really collected only every other week? Mine are done weekly and I'm not all that far from you really. The recycling has annoyed me though, we didn't even have a bin and now all we have is a tiny box which I can't fit all the card cluttering my room up into - going to have to give it all to my mum to take home.
    Be glad you don't have a militant cleaning rota though - not sure whether I'd rather live in filth or have angry, moody housemates constantly moaning that I haven't hoovered the living room on a particular day! xx

    1. Yeah it's so random! I don't know why, I'm sure our landlord must be wrong! The box is so tiny, how much recycling do they expect from students! That's such a pain! I am glad to be fair, I honestly don't mind cleaning all that much, as long as it's not utterly filthy and everyone's willing to help out, I'm all good! I hope you don't have militant housemates though! xx

  4. It's crazy isn't it how much we rely on people sometimes; it's not until they're not there that we appreciate them. You sound really independent though, it must be quite annoying when not everyone chips in to help clean/wash up etc. but sounds like you're all really close as housemates so moaning at each others is acceptable :-) Aww no; you missed the bin day! ...& You bought a duvet cover? Haha, that made us smile. Christmas soon ... more partying! :-) Hope your degree is going well.

    x Roch & Tash x

    1. This is very true! I never really realised or appreciated how much my parents do for me! It does get frustrating and create a bit of tension but that's just life! What family doesn't have a little bicker :P

      It really caused the bins to pile up! Aha in all fairness I wanted a new one anyway, my mum had only brought one up for me and it wasn't particularly nice, she said so herself haha!

      So excited for Christmas! Thank you (:


  5. Hello!

    Thank you for your encouraging comment on my blog re my thesis! i have finally got around to replying :)

    Not sure i'm ready to live independently yet! Dont think i could cope without mum :( forever a student ha!

    xxx Brooke

    1. No worries! I'll have a look :)

      It's pretty tough isn't it, you don't realise all that your parents do until you move out!



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