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By Issy Goode - 21:29

This year, I've become pretty crazy about Christmas. It's mainly the influence of my Christmas mad housemate and friend, Sara. She starts her Christmas countdown on January 1st and anything with words relevant to the Christmas season cause her to squeal with child-like joy. So you can see how her excitement can easily rub off on you - either that or it'll cause you to be a total scrooge.

Fortunately for her, I've become over whelming excited by the Christmas season! I've joined in with Megan's Christmas tag, slightly adapted by the lovely Georgie, to show you just how excited I am (in all honesty you won't sense even an ounce of the excitement I'm actually feeling).

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What's your favourite Christmas movie?
Oh gosh, I don't think there's possibly one. Love Actually, The Holiday, Nightmare Before Christmas, The Grinch, Jingle All the Way (Sara's favourite I must mention!) and so so many more. I go nuts over films any time of year, but Christmas ones really are the best. I'll watch them all year round just to get that heart warming Christmassy feeling, and shed a tear of joy or two! 

What is your favourite Christmas scent?
Honestly, the smell of a real Christmas tree is enough to make me happy! In my 19 years my family home has never not had a real one and walking in the door to that pine smell just beings back brilliant childhood memories. 

Do you stay in your PJ's or dress up for Christmas day?
We spend a good couple of hours having breakfast and opening our stockings and a present or two before getting out of our PJ's, and then I'll usually change into something a little less comfy but nothing dressy! I usually save dressing up for when more of the family come over on Boxing Day. New Years Day is usually the one I go all out for!

Do you and your family open gifts on Christmas eve or Christmas day?
We have an odd way of opening presents. We don't tend to open any before Christmas day unless they're from friends or secret santas, but otherwise we open about 3 a day starting from Christmas day and continuing as long as the presents last! As children, my siblings and I found it a real struggle, but it's made us appreciate each and every present SO much more, so I'm really grateful my parents persevered and that we still do it to this day.

Favourite holiday song?
Has to be Wham - Last Christmas. I loved it so much as a child and it's still a favourite of mine. 

Favourite Christmas meal or treat?
I treat myself all year round. But aside from that, I love Chistmassy buffet food on boxing day! I do love the Christmas dinner too of course, but need that be stated?!

Does it snow where you live?
When I'm up in Keele it definitely does! Usually not until January though so I still rarely experience a white Christmas. But down in Cornwall we get a little but it rarely settles, and to be honest, it's a pain in the ass if it does. Have you seen the panic this country goes into with a little bit of snow?!

Is your Christmas tree real or fake?
As I said earlier Christmas wouldn't be the same in my house without a real one, so real, always real. Up at uni, this year we have an adorable little sparkly silver one, and I'm quite glad it's fake, because the hoovering rarely gets done here, and I don't think I could be bothered with all the falling pines!  

What is most important to you about Christmas?
I think as a kid it was always just a madly exciting day, but now I'm older, and especially as I'm away for months at a time, it's being with my family. I think that's the most important thing (as cheesy as it sounds). The gifts are always lovely but if I had a choice between presents and my family, the latter would always win!

I hope everyone has an amazing Christmas and that all my fellow students enjoy the time back at home before the dreaded January exams! My holiday is going to be packed with catch ups, work back at Sainsbury's, revision and essay writing...oh such fun!


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