Goodbye Summer...

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So, the clock's just hit 00:00 and it's the 31st of August. Now the serious stuff begins, I leave for the University of Keele in 23 days and I'm full of mixed emotions. Hawthorns Block M - 26, studying EALS - English and American Literatures. I've found 3 other people in my block so far, one of which is studying EALS like me. We've discussed the frightening yet exhilarating concept of spending a year abroad in America, and briefly discussed the new challenge of a long distance relationship.

I'll no doubt be expected to spend a large majority of my time here: 
But without my Dad to pose everytime I'm walking towards it to explore the wonders of a rather large - for me anyway - library.Although, like most students, I think my freshers and further weeks to come will see me surrounded by new people in the Student Union, at a bus stop, in the ladies room, out in Newcastle-under-Lyme or Stoke - everywhere I go I'll no doubt see few familiar faces, but plenty of strangers willing to have a chat. Even if they don't want to I've got the other 25 people in my block I'm sharing a kitchen and two bathrooms with (ah student life aye) to talk to!

I can't imagine a fresher who isn't excited and scared right now, or at least won't be in the weeks to come. Everyone's leaving date is moving closer, mine being the furthest away I know of so far. My Mum had a bit of a moment after picking me up from work today, realising that I'm leaving soon. I know every parent does this, they react as if you're moving away forever or about to die, when you'll be back after a semester - eating all their food and bringing back your washing. Then again, whilst I'm off having a good time, Dad's got to fend for himself when Mum works evenings (he's like a child who can't be bothered to feed themselves even though they know how) and my Mum's got to tolerate History lessons and the parrot in the room - Dad repeats everything he hears on the television. Whilst I continuously joke and moan about their habits, reactions and general parental attitude, I'll miss them too.

My big sister, whose blog you can check out here, recently got married which was a lovely way to get all the family together, everyone was congratulating my boyfriend and I on our results and success in our applications to Uni. I was a proud maid of honour - albeit a rather useless one. On the eve of the wedding I arrived past eleven to a bride who was almost lonesome for the whole night (Mum to the rescue).

My sisters bridal party:
The bride, myself, our cousin, my sisters niece and my beautiful niece.
The day went almost without a hitch, Mrs Woo, my Granddad's car that was the carriage for the bride and groom decided she'd had enough, stranding the newly-weds, fortunately, only a short walk away from the venue. 
The weather held out for the big day and the sun showed it's face on others too...
Lovely day at the beach with the boyfriend and some of his family. Although, I've yet to swim in the sea this summer, I despise wet suits and it's far too cold for a bikini!
One thing I'll miss the most when I leave for uni is our pets. This lovely animal laying almost on my head is my boyfriend's cat, Muffin. He's the soppiest cat of all time, he'll lay on his back on your lap and have his belly rubbed for hours. I'll miss my cat Frank, but I won't miss him scratching on my door for a bed to kip on at 4am. And Selkie, my boyfriend's Mum's dog, she's the most excitable little dog ever. 

I try not to look on this summer as unsuccessful, I've worked almost every week of it, I have gone just beyond the boarders of Cornwall and I've seen family and friends (at least once that is). 

But honestly, I'm pinning all my hopes on freshers for good nights out as I've seen very few this summer - the wedding being the one and only to be quite honest - having worked evening shifts at Sainsbury's bakery. 

So, Goodbye summer, hello University - well in 23 days that is. Look forward to hearing from the life and times of a student!  

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