Preparing to Come to Terms With Student Life

By Issy Goode - 01:17

With student life looming I thought it'd be nice to make a list of all the things I'm going to miss when I go to university. There's the obvious things like my family, friends, my boyfriend, my animals, my bed - I'll cover some of these later though. I decided to think a little deeper. 

The room size
Most people may think I'm about to moan about getting use to a tiny room, but no...
This is my room. It actually looks a fair size in the picture to me. But, it's around 7ft by 7ft, containing a divan bed, a very small side table and some random basket my Mum couldn't figure out where else to put. May I also add, the door doesn't open properly, about a quarter of the way, it really causes problems when it's more than just me in there, leaving this room is an operation. So, I'll have trouble getting use to a larger room again - with a door that opens all the way, though it'll be an enjoyable thing to get use to.

The amount I'll have to read
Here's a confession from a soon to be English and American Literature student - I really don't read very much at all. About two years ago, I despised reading. So, why take a literature course Issy? I'll answer that if I make it through this year.

The amount of people I'll be sharing my home with
I'm sure this will be hard for me and others to come to terms with. I won't like not feeling comfortable enough to leave my food in the cupboards or the fridge, or having to put labels on things. I hope other people can cook too, else I'll end up cooking for one person and then feeling the need to feed everyone, because I don't like people going hungry or eating shit food just because they're lazy.

My red hair
I'm considering getting rid of this colour once and for all so I don't have to dye it every month. It's not the cost, it's just the effort of doing it. Although, I bet they'll be loads of people in my block with red hair - I'll discuss this decision with them, wait for feedback.

The social life
My social life is pretty shoddy, especially this summer. So, after freshers I may well be in a coma from all the social interaction, drinking and late nights. Unless my expectations of freshers and Uni life in general are completely wrong - very likely. Don't worry, I'm also very aware of how much work I'll be doing.

And finally - though I'm sure I'll have plenty more to get used to - missing people:

My parents - I'm excited to leave home and I know I'll be back at Christmas, Easter and Summer, but it's always nice to have my parents there with me. My Mum's a saint and my Dad's hilarious and like an encyclopaedia, which comes in very handy.

My sister and her family - I'll miss seeing my niece and nephew every few weeks - they grow so fast after all.  My little nephew is very attached to me when I'm there, I hope he also will be when I get back! And my niece is the most hilarious little girl ever, she says the funniest things. My sister and as of almost two weeks ago, my brother in law, I'll miss so much. My brother in law has been pretty much like a brother since he's been with my sister, and they've made each other so happy. I could go on for a while about my sister...I hope she knows how much I'll miss her.

My brother and his girlfriend - I'll miss them both too, but my brothers barely home so I don't see him that much anyway haha.

My friends - I've fallen out with a close friend this summer which made me realise how little I try to show my friends that I care, so now with the friends I still have and ones in future I'll learn from my mistakes. I'll have my friends up to stay with me hopefully, one at a time though!

I don't mean to be soppy but, my boyfriend - we'll both be in the same boat, and long distance relationships are hard no matter what. Perhaps harder when both of us are starting Uni, meeting new people and such. We're both hoping everything will work out fine, fingers crossed!

I suppose I'll have to wait and see what's really going to drive me crazy and what I'll miss like mad.

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  1. I'll miss you like fudging crazy!!! xxxx

    ps try to edit your settings so people don't have to prove they're 'real' before commenting I learned that it really puts people off :-) xx

    1. I know! :( I did what you said! Need some more tips too :) xx


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