The Excitement Builds For University

By Issy Goode - 22:44

So tonight, I said a few more goodbyes! I went for a hilarious meal with 6 lovely girls I've known for quite some time. I don't see much of some of them and after today, I realised I don't see enough of them! Worst time to come to that realisation when we're all leaving aye? It was a brilliant night, reminiscing about old school times, coming to the realisation that loads of people from our school year had or were having babies and over all had such a good laugh.

We talked about Uni too, the places we were going, types of accommodation, costs, what we had planned. All the talk got me very excited for University; Cecily and Becky are leaving this weekend, whilst me and Ana are still the only ones we know holding on until the 21st and 22nd! It's making everything seem quite daunting, how close leaving really is now. The summer's gone so fast, and I'm already planning my first holiday abroad (bar a French trip to a convent in year 7!) with my friend Beck to a Spanish festival. Talking about  holidays and university amongst friends - which I haven't really done at all - has just raised my expectations of how everything's going to be, it's made me one hundred times more excited about it all. Living away from home, making new friends, going to Spain and most of all going to America. But, today also made me very aware of how much I missed the people who were at the meal, I see Becky and Erin from time to time, but the other four girls, I barely ever see and it's a real shame, because all of them are hilarious, and the memories we have are worth meeting up to talk about. We were the loudest people in the restaurant which was something my friends and I would always be if we went for meals at the May Tree when we were still in school, so it was like old times again.

I must admit I was feeling a little nervous about the meal, about whether it'd be awkward at all because I rarely see these girls - young women (sounds so weird) - but once I got there and realised no one had changed, I felt so relaxed. We all share the same humorous memories from science classes when Becky fell into the sink, English when Ana and I paid no attention - she would draw some artistic design on my hand whilst I asserted my hatred for literature (how times change?), then there was Drama with Erin and Ana when some one flipped on a chair and broke their arm (though Drama was far too eventful to just spend one night reminiscing about) and history, PHSE and RE with Mich, Cecily and Frances - creating 'Krystal' some kind of drawn example of what women and men are pressured to do by society - when our teacher saw our drawing of 'Krystal' she was shocked that we had written about women shaving their legs, and exclaimed 'You girls shave your legs?!' (She was a real hippy). There were other hilarious and shocking things discussed that only we'll understand and hopefully be able to still laugh about in years to come.

If any of the girls that went tonight happen to read this, I must say it was a brilliant evening and a good idea to do it before we start going away. Good luck to all the girls, those going to Uni and the three staying down here! Seeing old school friends and feeling like nothing has changed is honestly an amazing feeling, it makes you appreciate them more. Having not seen Mich and Frances for a long time, we all still chatted away like we'd seen each other the day before at school! My advice to any one saying their goodbyes at this time is to get together with some people that may seem distant, and reminisce like crazy!

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