The Run Up to University

By Issy Goode - 00:44

Counting down the days is often the thing that makes something appear to take longer, but right now I'm not bothered how far away or close it seems. It's exceedingly exciting either way. I have one more day of work and then a week or so to spend with my boyfriend and friends before they all start leaving. Despite how happy I am that I have an extra week, it's going to be hard when some of my friends will have already left. My closest friend, Charlie, who I mentioned in my previous post, is fortunately (for me - selfish aha) staying down here, so I can toast to past and future times with her before I leave - although I'm sure I'll drag her up to stay with me at some point.

I'm still slowly preparing myself for Uni - I'm not going to talk about my emotional preparation, I think you can all gather how I'm feeling at this point. I've been reading list after list of things to take, suggestions from other students, from the University website, but I found this list the most helpful. I've spent under £70 so far - not including any new clothes and I've managed to find some brilliant deals. In the factory shop my Mum stumbled across this bargain:

12 piece dinner set for £7! I'm very unlikely to use all of this, but if someone doesn't have anything when I'm up at Uni then I'm perfectly willing to share. That does not apply to my food though! I don't have to take it all up for this year either, I can save some for the next three years, or even keep it back for after Uni - this is me keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't all get smashed some how. Accidents do happen when sharing a kitchen with 30 people - and with drunken cooking, which I guarantee I'll attempt a few or more times.

Tesco's was the place that I found a lot of my kitchen essentials. I found a plastic jug for 35p, a roasting tin for 98p, and a sieve, grater and pyrex glass bowl, all coming in under £9, I could have probably found cheaper things, but the stuff I've got is hopefully going to last me quite some time. Argos was also a fantastic place to shop, once again I could have found cheaper things but I know the stuff I've got is good and none of it was over £10, from pans, to duvet sets and sheets.

I also bought these amazing tea towels:
Ginger bread men are one of my boyfriends favourite things to eat so these make me think of him, but also I just think they're cute. 

And the most random thing I've bought is this:
My brother's girlfriend convinced me to buy this and it was only 97p so I thought why not. She has one too and it's so cool, sadly enough I've always wanted one! I don't use sauce all that much, but at least I always have something to put it in now.

I've still got a few more things to get hold of, but at least I'm more prepared than my friend Becky who leaves next week. I asked her if she had everything ready, she responded saying 'What do I need?'. When I mentioned pots, pans and even a freshers pass her face remained blank. Yes, that's just Becky for you. 

Good luck to every one who's still searching for some bargains and working their way through the packing!

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