Leaving Home for University

By Issy Goode - 23:37

In my previous posts and in general I haven't really thought or talked about leaving home. I've mentioned who I'll miss, what I expect to get up to but never the actual process of leaving. I suppose this is partly because I haven't come to terms with it quite yet, but now it's only 19 days until I wake up at 4am to begin the 5 hour and 50 minute journey, with the typical arguing parents, one driving, the other giving directions...bad directions at that. So, now it's time to start coming to terms with it. Others have just over ten days before they leave, so I'm feeling a bit luckier to have the extra week.

I live in Cornwall, Porthleven so moving to Keele suits me. It's not some huge city and it's surroundings are rural. I'll miss the sea when I'm up in Keele, being right on the edge of England means it surrounds where I live and I love the scenery around here, it's just so relaxing being outside.

I'm sure that Keele will be just as lovely, I know it boasts 617 acres of land and one of the largest campuses in the UK, so I'm sure I'll be just as spoilt by my surroundings. Although up there I won't have moments like these out in my garden:

My little niece and nephew painting and playing yesterday.

I may be looking forward to being in the rural surroundings of Keele, but I'm also really excited to be so close to some of England's main cities. London's an hour and 30 minutes away on the train, I'm almost smack bang in the middle of Birmingham and Manchester, and when I go to visit my boyfriend I'll be able to explore Newcastle. Having not been to many places in the country besides where I was born (Gloucestershire), where I have family and where I live now, I'm really excited to have the chance to traverse around the country and discover new places, and also visit all the China Towns. 

So, coming to terms with leaving home and moving almost 6 hours away is so far pretty hard for me to get my head around - I don't feel scared or nervous as of yet. I'm excited to leave, curious to see how I'll live with 30 or more people, and just keen to experience the life and times of a student!

And as of this moment, I'm even more excited for freshers having just bought my freshers pass! It best live up to my expectations!

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