Things to Watch at University

By Issy Goode - 23:03

Without TV, I began to ponder, what could I possibly do with recreational time? (that sounds awfully sad). When I thought about it, I realised the television in my house is often white noise - when my family are all home that is, the real entertainment is the conversation in the room, tonight for instance my family and I debated rape and cold calls... separate conversations though. Ignore the dark topics of my family discussions. Anyway...

When at University, I won't have my family to have these discussions with - I'm sure one or more of the 30 something people I'm living with (I've recently discovered it's not 26, when I started talking to a girl in room 27) will be perfectly willing to have some sort of debate though. Besides that, I still have the internet to replace television - which I appear to use more anyway.

I began working through series one and two of The Walking Dead earlier this year - well actually I watched the whole of series one in a night staying up until 4am with my friend, Charlie, and towards the end of the night her rabbit died - but not because of zombies. That was pretty traumatic though. I'm waiting until October for the new series to emerge, but it best be good because the ending of series two was a disappointment. I've spent the summer working through the 7 series of Supernatural, and yes that has indeed literally taken up my whole summer, but it was worth it for him:
And also with it for the episode in series 6 when Castiel watches porn. 

But for University, what do I have to rely on? Well there's Fresh Meat returning to our screens to coincide with all of us who are about to be the fresh meat of our universities. The Great British Bake Off shall inspire me. As I said earlier I've got series 3 of The Walking Dead to look forward to as well and True Blood of course. I also hear that Game of Thrones is worth a watch. Then there's the wonderful Doctor Who and there shall always, always be Friends. 

Please, feel free to criticise my choices of programmes. And also, please suggest some things for me to watch!

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  1. Any suggestions on good shows to last me through Uni?

  2. Dexter, Breaking Bad, White Collar and Lie to Me*

    that'll last you awhile!

  3. Guess I have to because it's you Andy.


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