Reasons to be Cheerful

By Issy Goode - 17:46

I can't believe we're already at week 7! Time is really flying by and my 19th birthday is approaching with just over a month to wait!

My main reason to be cheerful this week is of course, results! They were released on Tuesday (I wasn't aware of this until a friend let me know in a lecture). As soon as I got onto a computer, I was straight onto my emails to hunt down these dreaded results, but thankfully I had nothing to fear. I managed two 2:2's and two 2:1's in my first semester modules and I'm really pleased! I know I can do better though and I intend to this semester, but the main thing is, I passed!

My other reason to be cheerful is, strangely enough for me, Valentine's Day. I don't particularly believe in it (it's utter rubbish if I'm honest) but my boyfriend Matt was adamant on doing something, and I was happy for us to do so. All I can say is that any boyfriend who cooks you steak is most definitely a keeper! And, ahem, any girlfriend who brings a present of Jack Daniel's Fudge is pretty awesome too. The night was also quite unusual in comparison to most couples on Valentine's Day...we spent it building a heart shaped catchlight (the joys of dating a photographer), which I can tell you was a total pain in the ass! But we eventually managed to get a good photo -  check out the photo here and take a close look at my eyes to see the painstakingly simple hearts that took us a blooming long time to create!

I've spent almost the entire week with Matt and Valentine's Day steak just topped it off really!

Overall my weeks been pretty simplistic and two simple things made me very cheerful (:

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