University Equals Opportunity

By Issy Goode - 19:43

If only I had realised this in the two years that have already gone by, but alas, I've let my 2 years go by having only focused on my degree, blog and social life...

There's things at university that you'll come to realise you won't have much of an opportunity to do when you're in the working world. Societies for example, are not only an opportunity to learn something new whether it be a sport, a craft or something else, but are also a way to meet people who aren't housemates or on the same course as you. And meeting new people can also open you to new interests, more new friends, new places to visit and much more. Most importantly, you won't get another opportunity to try out any number of sports or crafts out of the blue with a group of peers, to realise whether you have a hidden talent or an unknown love for something. I'm of course not speaking from experience here, as I stupidly still haven't joined a society, I'm simply speaking from an outsiders view, but I know from friends in societies that it's a pretty valuable experience and adds so much to your university years. 

Living with friends is also something you may not see the value in at university, especially as upon graduation you may find yourself back in your childhood room with mum and dad as your housemates. Whilst being woken in the early hours of the morning isn't always pleasant, and nor is the odour coming from your fridge, how great is it to always have someone your age to pop into town with, sit in the kitchen and have a cup of tea with or have someone who's available for a drink or a takeaway at almost any time? I really value living with my friends as back home I'm over an hour away from most of them, with often two buses to catch and a hefty bus ticket to purchase, so having someone just across the hall has been a great change for me, and I don't think I'll have the opportunity to live with my friends again in the next few years, but we'll see. 

Speaking again of meeting new people, the opportunity is absolutely everywhere. There's not only societies but there's also night outs, meeting acquaintances through friends and doing different modules every year where you meet those on your course you've never even seen before. University gives you the opportunity to meet new people at every turn, but not only that, it also means you can build up a pretty impressive log of intelligent talented people in your phone book. You never know who may come to your aid in the future. 

University can also offer you the opportunity to learn about living independently. Of course the independent life you live as a student should be a bit different to that you'll experience as an adult, but none the less, it's a stepping stone. Learning about cooking, cleaning, money and time management are all important in your adult life, and you may not be great at them as a student, but you'll realise having a few years to practice will still help you in the future.

What opportunities has university given you?

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  1. Joining societies is great! I do find some of them a bit cliquey and hard to fit into though. I love meeting friends through friends 'cos usually they'll also be the kind of person you'd be friends with, if your friend is already :) living with friends has to be the best thing ever, I was so lucky that the people I randomly spoke to on fb to quickly find a house turned out to be three of the greatest people ever so I'm living with my best friends! Will never forget this time :)

    1. I really wish I had, because people always say they're great. Yeah I've noticed they are, that's why I think I haven't jumped at the chance to join one, I just don't know if I'd fit in. Yeah exactly, it's always nice to meet new people especially ones that have the same interests as you! Ah that is lucky! Housemates can either be great or a pain, but when you all get a long it is a great experience. Me neither :)

  2. I joined a society this year but found it difficult to fully commit to events because of my job. But i know for a fact I'll make the effort next year to get more involved seeing as i know what to expect now :) i completely understand what you mean about living with friends. It's so nice to be able to knock on somebody's door and know they're around to just chill out with xo

    1. That's always the challenge, mixing activities with uni work and actual work can be tough! First year is about finding your feet :) Exactly! Sometimes at home I get so bored because I can't just stroll across the hall then pop into town with one of my friends, it makes you appreciate it so much! xx

  3. Really great post! I enjoyed reading it


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