Steer Clear of Negativity

By Issy Goode - 18:37

Have you noticed that being positive has become such a negative thing?...Since I perked myself up a bit and stopped living with such a negative attitude I came to realise people don't actually like positive people. And the reason behind this seems to be that people consider positivity to be an annoyance. On some level I can understand this, when a person can turn a dark situation around on several occasions rather than grab the blankets and ice cream like you would, you can get a bit fed up that they still keep standing tall through everything. Or when they can hold a smile for an entire day, you tire of them because c'mon who could truly be that happy? And probably no one is your answer, but why should a positive attitude cause negative reactions?
Positivity is a mindset, and I believe even if people consider you an annoyance, at no point should you get down on their level, because the chances are they're so bloody negative they'll still find you annoying so, my basic advice for this lesson is to avoid negative people as much as you can. Now of course, it's impossible to avoid them completely because my in this day and age aren't they absolutely everywhere. The best thing I can advise doing is ridding your life of the people in close proximity to you that provide a constant spiel of negative cr*p. I couldn't think of a polite way to put it...I'm not even sure if that's considered a swear word these days though! 

So, we've all experienced negative people, these may be in the form of friends or family or perhaps even people you don't exactly get along with. But there's a likely chance that they've injected their negativity into your life at any possible chance they've had, perhaps not even realising they're doing it. But in my opinion, if these people can't be helped, they're not worth it.

Negativity can of course come in many different forms, you may know people who can constantly be hard on themselves, reject your advice in favour of wallowing in self pity or there's those who purposefully bring others down for their own amusement. Their negativity comes from two different places, but I believe both are just as poisonous. 

The constantly self-critical friend is a negative person who's hard to just 'throw away'. And honestly, I don't believe you should ever just throw your friends away unless of course they're not decent ones. But I do believe if you try your hardest with a friend who is constantly hard on themself, who never listens to your advice but always asks to hear it, and who always chooses to stay in a situation they hate and constantly complain about, it's hard to sit there any longer and listen. Sometimes you have to draw the line and accept that there's nothing more you can do for said friend, and their negativity is not only their own problem, but hearing it enough soon makes it yours. If they're in serious need of help, give them everything you possibly can, but if they live to only make life harder for themself, distancing yourself from them will make yours significantly easier. 

Then of course there's those that slip in negative remarks, or these days isn't it just Facebook comments or tweets, any where they can. As I said you can't always avoid negativity, and sometimes criticism isn't always negative, it can be very constructive but it's pretty easy to recognise the difference between someone offering you some constructive feedback and someone just slating you. If say you know a friend, or an acquaintance and they constantly make remarks about you or someone in your group and it drags the mood down, but they see no harm in what they're saying, ditch them. Also, Facebook 'culls' of your friend lists can do wonders for your mood. People who criticise you over social media are particularly awful, because they can't actually see the damage they're doing. You have every right to post what you want on Facebook, and they have every right to remove you if they don't like it, so don't let people's negative comments affect your day, a delete is only a click away (rhyming not intended...).

In my opinion, anyone in your life who doesn't provide support and instead only offers negativity isn't worth having in your life. Positivity is important in life, for managing stress, for staying happy, for believing in yourself and passing exams, getting jobs, basically, it helps you succeed. So why allow negative people to hold you back? Getting rid of them is not a selfish act.  

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  1. Great question! I'm not sure why I allow negative people in my life. My sister was forever fitting me with a pair of cement shoes until we parted last Fall. I still think about her, but not the way I use to. Now I think of her with hope that she'll eventually find happiness. ~ Rhondi

    1. I thought the same, it's hard to know why you keep them around though when they're family it's a really hard situation. I hope she does too, but it's hard to be someone's support system when they don't seem to be changing! Thank you for stopping by :)


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