If I Could Walk 307 Miles

By Issy Goode - 18:33

...I'd be pretty damn exhausted afterwards.

I've finally arrived home and am now settled in Cornwall and I'm not going anywhere for a few months now, to my dismay. I've left my boyfriend back in Keele to the hands of a 9-5 internship to complete his MA, and he's left me in the grips of a boiling hot bakery in Sainsbury's, to earn and save some pennies.

After officially moving out of my halls on the 8th of this month, my key (lacking a university key ring) was handed over a desk, and bam, my stint in Hawthorns was over. I re-visited my pretty little house once more before leaving and to my delight finally got to see my room - yep, I signed a tenancy agreement without even seeing my room, that's a dumb student for you - but boy, am I glad I was the one who took the risk on the locked door of room number 6! I've bagged myself an en-suite (which we already knew about), a lovely big double bed (the only one in the house!), two wardrobes and a nice big desk! 

But before the partially real world of bills and bickering begins in my 6 bedroom house, I've got the summer to survive. Which, no doubt, will be crap. 

If I could walk 307 miles, I'd be with my boyfriend back in Keele, back in his halls. Whilst it would be amazing to spend my summer with him, instead of decorating cupcakes and packaging rolls, I'd likely end up being a right little wifey. With his 9-5 internship, and if I were there, my joblessness, I'd likely be doing no more than playing The Sims and cooking dinner each night, all ready for when he came back from work. Whilst my food is fabulous - ahem - I'm not ready (I never will be) to be a stay-at-home girlfriend!
So, I'll have to settle being 307 miles away from my hard working man for a few months...and here I step into my second stint at a long distance relationship. One I think will work out for the better.

Though, in all honesty, I can't complain about the fact that I've got off easy not having to suffer the job hunt many students may be at this time, and complain as I might, it's money in the bank!

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