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Dan (right) is 19 from Penzance, living off campus at the University of Brighton studying Media and Journalism.
Photo courtesy of Dan
What's the best thing about your uni?
Definitely the people and the area. It's a great atmosphere with an amazing nightlife. We also have a beach here too.

What's the worst?
The cost. I'm nearly always broke, so to cover the expenses is quite a difficult task.

Have you enjoyed your first year?
I've loved it!

What's your course like?
I've opted for mainly theoretical electives so the workload is quite heavy but I find the subject really interesting and quite good fun.

What's the best memory you've had of your first year?
Honestly, I can't remember my best memory - which is probably a good thing considering. However, to pin point a few things I'd say: freshers week and The Great Escape Festival.

How would you describe your freshers week?
Freshers was such good fun. There was hardly any work that had to be completed, I was constantly meeting new people, who I now consider to be some of my best friends.

What's the best thing about living off campus?
The independence.

Has university disappointed you or would you say it met/exceeded your expectations?
University has certainly exceeded my expectations. I was relatively nervous beforehand but looking back now, I've loved nearly every minute of it.

What's your best money saving tip?
I'm probably not the best person to ask...however, my plan for next year is to budget before the semester begins.

How do you de-stress?
Well, I live in an area where there is always something happening, so it's not hard to find something to do. Personally, I play my guitar. Living off campus gives you that sort of space.

What advice would you give to freshers next year?
Just have fun. Don't worry or stress over things. Think ahead when it comes down to it though.

Just for fun:

What drinking game would you recommend to the freshers next year?
The classics. Ring of fire, Roxanne etc...

Any embarrassing moments?
Too many.

What's your best hangover cure?
Coffee and spinach and ricotta tortellini.

If you'd like to know anything more about the University of Brighton or Dan's course, contact me - - and I'll put you in contact with Dan.

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