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By Issy Goode - 17:41

Don't worry yourself, I'm not homeless!

With my final semester now finished and only 2 more essays to receive feedback on, I've not got a whole lot to do. I don't start back at work for summer until around the 23rd of June and I see no reason why I can't spend these few weeks plodding up and down the country!

Last weekend, I moved an entire 9 months of my life out of Hawthorns M block, room 26. My mum travelled all the way up from Cornwall and with my boyfriend to give us a hand we stacked the car full and that was it, my first year was pretty much over.

But I'm back! I went home this weekend for my Grandma's 80th birthday, and on Sunday I was on the move again. I arrived in Plymouth to stay in the Elfordleigh Hotel for a night with my boyfriend and his family - which was rather fabulous. We then made our way from Plymouth to Milton Keynes for the night on Monday, and Tuesday afternoon saw me on the move again, finally resting in Keele...for two weeks that is.

For the time being, I'm living out of a large backpack stuffed with clothes and shoes, I've invaded my boyfriend's room for the time being also, with him living on campus until September.

On Wednesday we all attended the End of Year ball, I didn't get in the spirit of things...well due to the fact I didn't fancy any spirits for once! I'm going pretty alcohol free over summer to get back to my healthy self. With work to keep me busy and visiting friends over the summer, it should be a good one before the six of us move into our lovely house for our second year...let the hard work commence! 

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  1. Glad you're giving your liver a rest! haha but it's a shame you didn't get into the party spirit! Don't completely take over the poor mans room you messy sod you! Can't wait to see you soon xxxxx

    1. I'm sure it needs it! Ah I still had a good night :) Hey, I cook and clean for him! He's got it good while I'm around! Same :D xxxxx


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