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Jamie (first right) is 19 from Cornwall, living on campus at Warwick University studying Maths.
Photo courtesy of Jamie
What's the best thing about uni?
It's in the countryside so it's pretty much just like what I'm used to back in Cornwall; lots of chances to explain to people not to touch stinging nettles and the like, I seem like a wilderness expert.

What's the worst?
Along the same vein, it's pretty isolated so it's a hassle leaving campus for a night out. Also, Tesco is a 20 minutes slog each way.

Have you enjoyed your first year?
Very much, I thought I would miss home a lot more than I did, I really only feel like I've been away for a few weeks. The truth is, when I'm living here in halls I'm never bored for a second, if I am I just go and bother one of my neighbours to entertain me.

What's your course like?
As you might expect, Maths is pretty damn hard, seriously, A2 Further Maths doesn't seem to have cropped up at all, I'm just relentlessly learning new stuff all the time. Fun is a strong word to use in conjunction with Maths, although it definitely is interesting.

What's the best memory you've had of your first year?
Apart from the bog standard drunken night escapades, I'd have to say fashioning an economically viable volleyball net out of string and twigs to make the most of the limited sunshine; including dangerously misusing the university football fields and running away from the slightest confrontation. Generally, acting like 5 year old's most of the time has produced some of my most memorable moments.

How would you describe your freshers week?
Fantastic, one of the best fortnights of my life (yeah that's right, come to Warwick we get a whole fortnight). It's a bit of a shock to go on a bender that long, but everyone adjusts and I just about recovered enough by the evenings to start over again.

What's the best and worst things about living on campus?
Honestly, I cant think of a good enough reason for anyone not to, it's a literal 1 minute walk to the Student's Union, which is fairly good for nights out, especially at the start of the year when everyone's yet to get bored of it. There's so many people to interact with, and most probably a lot smarter than you'll be used to. On the worse side, there's things you expect as a student, like limited fridge/freezer space, overcrowded kitchens, messy people "borrowing" your belongings, and drunkards wrecking things.

Has university disappointed you or would you say it met/exceeded your expectations?
Massively exceeded on the social side, however in academia, Maths has been a constant drag on my fun levels. I guess I should have been prepared to work a lot more than I did straight away, it would have prevented being left behind.

What's your best money saving tip?
Tesco Everyday Value. Grow to like the tap water, if you don't immediately (squash can really cost a small fortune). Get cooking in a team (we've made it work in a group of 6), you can get grocery costs down to about £15 each a week. 

What's your best way to de-stress?
Watch a TV episode on your laptop, go annoy a neighbour, make some food, listen to some music and if you're desperate, read a book (unless you actually enjoy that).

What advice would you give to freshers next year?
Get drinking in the summer in preparation for the escapades of university life, it's the perfect excuse!

Just for fun:

What drinking game would you pass onto the freshers of 2013/14?
I'm not sure what it's called, but gargling spirits to a song that others have to guess. Just recently we partook in the Eurovision drinking game. Then any David Attenborough documentary drinking game, Never Have I Ever, Ring of fire and twenty plus one.

Any embarrassing moments?
Too many I'm sure. A few partially, mostly naked, escapades. Then there's accidentally sprinting into a wall and waking the whole floor up screaming I was okay. Far too many slip ups in Never Have I Ever.

Anything else you'd like to add?
Be sure to attempt an impression of every funny accent you come across, everyone will love it.

If you'd like to know anything more about Warwick University of Jamie's course contact me - - and I'll put you in contact with Jamie.

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  1. I love your interviews! :D They give such a good insight on college students

    1. Thank you Dany! I've got some brilliant answers from everyone, and it's great hearing other students experiences!


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