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Sometimes when I come to write these post I sit and contemplate for so long thinking 'What did happen this month?'. My mind tends to go a bit blank and I find it hard to reflect on what's been going on. 

It must be old age. 

But in all seriousness, after a bit of thinking I remembered that it's been a bit of a busy month that's really flown by. On the 29th April I went for an interview for a higher position at Boots, after patiently waiting a month to hear whether I'd even got the interview. I went along, gave my all and was offered the job. The whole of May then became a big count down to the start of my new job, with four weeks notice to work and a lot to do before I left - including training two new people on my current team before I made my move onto greener pastures. 

When I started working in July last year I had planned to progress or move away from Nottingham within a year but when my boyfriend and I made the decision to settle in Nottingham at least for the time being, I decided it was my time to make a career move and start climbing up the ladder. I'm extremely proud of myself for taking the leap and working hard for it, and now I'm five days into my new job and can certainly see the challenge that awaits me at the end of my training. 

My new job isn't what I imagined myself doing after university, because if I'm honest I had no idea what I wanted to do, but so far I've met some really lovely people who I can call my friends and new windows of opportunity are opening up for me every single week, which is exactly what I was looking for. 

Other than hard work on the job front, I still took time to relax with friends. I visited Faye and caught up with the rest of the girls back in Keele, and it was our very last night out at the Student's Union, and upon reflection, that's actually quite a depressing thought. When we headed out to the union I still managed to bump into a few people I knew, which was a nice feeling, but for the most part it was full of unfamiliar faces and changes that are all part of the university's development. I think I took the fact that Faye was still at Keele for granted, and didn't take the time to visit on more occasions. Now it really is in the past for me and I'll never really have a reason to go there again. It's certainly the end of an era of sorts.

Though, I'm still happy to be moving on. Moving out of my boyfriend's parents house is (fingers crossed) fast approaching once his final pre-registration Pharmacy exams are out of the way, which is music to my ears. It's been nice to live with his family and for the most part it's nice having many things done for you, but if I'm honest I need space of my own and to control things like my diet and my weekends a lot more. I've always said that if you've lived independently moving back in with parents isn't actually a walk in the park like you may expect. It'll be nice to make spontaneous decisions to go to dinner or out for a drink without having to notify everyone in the house you won't be home. 

It'll also be lovely to be able to have friends and family come and visit me for a change.

I also recently bought a new camera and Michael and I have been taking it out on our weekend walks. Here's a little shot he took of a flower whilst out in the countryside. We've not mastered the art of an SLR yet, but practice makes perfect!
Referring back to my times of relaxation, Sally, whom I work with, and I went for a few meals this month. We started the month with a tapas place in Nottingham called Yamas. The service was lovely, though the tables a little too close for my liking. The food was excellent too and we left positively stuffed. Later in the month I saved Sally from being ditched by replacing her guests who had bailed and went with her to Nando's. I've never been a huge fan of Nando's if I'm honest, it's a little overrated and expensive for what it is, but none the less I enjoyed a steak and stilton roll and chips.

Then, as my boyfriend and I are hoping to go away with Sally and her fella, we decided to arrange to go for dinner to give Michael and Sally the opportunity to meet. Whilst I was more tempted by Wagamamas, we ended up in Turtle Bay and hell, that place does some spicy food! It's a caribbean chain of restaurants and I went for the pork belly and sweet potato fries, and whilst it was tasty, it was so spicy that my boyfriend had to finish eating it for me! Fortunately, Michael and Sally got along well so next we just need to meet up with her boyfriend and then holiday plans will go from there!

Finally, on the very final day of May, I finished my job on the helpdesk that I had spent 11 very busy and fast months on. In that time I learnt so much from the team and the job, and it 100% paved the way for the role I'm in now. I was given gifts including Prosecco, chocolate and a gift card along with a few other bits and bobs. After my final shift we all got together and went for a meal at George's Great British Kitchen in Nottingham. Some of the people who had left the team joined us too and it was lovely to sit down outside of work and catch up with everyone. I'm sad to have left such a fantastic group of people, and if I'm honest, I've never enjoyed being around colleagues so much.

Oh, and, if you haven't already seen on Instagram, I've also had my hair done and gone for a completely new colour!

So June is now all about getting stuck into my new job role. Having had a tiny bit of experience working in Supply Chain in my previous role, everything I've been trained in so far is making sense. This training is also a lot less daunting than that which I experienced when I started at Boots almost a year ago - but I'm sure there's still time for that to change!

I hope everyone had a lovely month and is already having a lovely time in this sunshine at the moment. Wish me luck with my latest career move and I hope everyone has a equally as lovely if not better June!

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