Goodbye Final Freshers'

By Issy Goode - 19:32

Now we're down to the nitty gritty of a fearful third year at university, I thought I'd finally make the time to reflect upon the absolute whirlwind of a week that was Freshers'; there were fall outs, fights, tears, laughs and of course photographic evidence of all the alcohol fueled fun. Questionable singing was heard at the headphone disco, disgusting drinks were combined to cause very easy to explain blackouts, and we as pompous third years, made our authority known, by getting a hell of a lot more smashed than the first years. The week is a blur of what I forget and what I remember, and I feel like we as a group out did the freshers'; after all it was our last time all together celebrating a justifiable week spent intoxicated.

I can't say it was my best Freshers' week to date, because every single one has come with mistakes and has offered me an equal amount of good and bad nights out - the bad often being due to my own bad decisions, that often being consuming too much vodka. I've felt the desire to stay in bed cuddled up with my boyfriend, and instead gone out and fallen out with him, only to make up when the dramatic hangover has left our heads. It was such an up and down week that now it's finished I'm ready to hang up my heels and leave it to the first years.

Every time Freshers' week arrives I feel like I've learnt nothing about my limits, and prove to everyone that I truly haven't. But once it's over I like to consider that Freshers' week didn't really happen. Every thing's more intense during a week where the alcohol barely leaves your system, emotions run pretty high despite the fact it's supposed to be a week of fun. And despite the drama and chaos that ensued I still consider it to be a successful week. Everything may not have gone to plan - it's not like you can plan and prepare for Freshers' week anyway - and we may have all had our 'one too many' nights, but if you can't act like a Fresher during Freshers' week, when can you? One final blowout week was what we all needed to celebrate our last week long stint at Keele SU. I'll never have another week like it, and now the week has passed I have no time to party like the freshers' as a daunting deadline looms just under 190 days away, and it's time to stop letting reality sink in and start some research!

Welcome to third year, home of the dreaded word: dissertation.

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  1. Freshers' Week was amazing (though as a first year I probably would say that). Loved the headphone disco :)


    1. I loved it too still, it's just a slightly different atmosphere when you know your way around and a large majority of the people there! Ahh the headphone disco is always a night to remember! Hands down was best in my first year :)


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