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By Issy Goode - 17:38

After last weeks fantastic #lbloggers chat about Pinterest I felt inspired to blog a little about what I love about the site that both inspires me and also fills me with envy. I've never heard anyone say a bad word about Pinterest, whether that's because I refuse to hear it or just because it's that bloomin' good, I think the agreement from the chat last week was that all who use it, love it.

I'm by no means a Pinterest God/Goddess and definitely don't use it to its potential, though with my laughable quality of photographs it seems as though I don't belong on such a pristine and perfect website. Despite my inferiority, it doesn't send me running for the hills of imperfection with my tail between my legs (not often anyway) and makes me want a big beautiful wedding, a perfectly designed home and a bank account that allows me to travel the world. I use Pinterest to explore my pipe-dreams. If I were more creative I'd definitely get more out of it, though I'm content to stare at beautiful DIY'ed furniture and four tiered red velvet cakes, repinning them in the hope that one day, just one simple day, I'll rise from my bed inspired to become a model of the Pinterest world.

This has to be the one I enjoy looking at most. Everything I've repinned onto this board has yet to be made, but that doesn't mean one day I won't attempt it. Food glorious food as the boys of the workhouse would say. I would indeed like some more food pins to look at, for they often fill far more of my procrastination time than I care to admit. 

Is it odd that my guilty Pinterest pleasure is actually weddings instead of food? I feel no guilt when looking at food, but sometimes when I search for wedding related pins I feel a little like a crazy cat lady who has yet to be pushed over the edge. I don't allow that possible glimpse of my future ruin my fun though, and instead hope that with my prince charming I can plan something Pinterest worthy. Also if my dress isn't as beautiful as any of those on Pinterest then I'll be a bridezilla...depending on whether I can afford something so beautiful of course, in which case I'll just be a little miffed. But then again, it's about the day and the lovely man/woman you are about to marry...apparently! 

How many of us dream of seeing the world? I feel like I've missed a lot of chances to go exploring, with some of my friends living abroad or having previously spent a semester studying in another country. I've never used my money wisely, and had I not been such a party animal during my younger years, perhaps I would have instead been able to explore what the world has to offer. Though at only 20 years of age I'm quite sure I have time to make up for it, and fingers crossed one day I'll even manage to visit some of the beautiful places I've repinned.

I've many other boards (not an outrageous amount but I'm sure it will grow) but these three are the ones that I now love the most. Previously I used Pinterest to awe over beautiful tattoos, and I still like the aesthetic pleasure in them but I no longer use it to inspire me for any further ink on my body. I also enjoy searching Pinterest for interior design, positive and motivating quotes, fashion and after last weeks chat, Harry Potter weddings and various other themes of the big day. What do you love about Pinterest? And what are your favourite pins?

Leave your Pinterest name in the comments and I'll be sure to check it out!

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