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By Issy Goode - 17:24

In any year of study, be it GCSE's, A Levels or during your time at university, one of the most important things to be is organised. I've always tried my hardest to keep all my work in folders, and my notes neat, tidy and kept together. 

I recently posted about keeping all your computer work safe using such things as external hardrives and insurance for the ol' laptop, but I know, especially with all the important notes I've been accumulating for the past 5 months for my dissertation, how important it also is to keep all your paper work safe too! And what better way to keep it tidy, and looking nice, than with some new products?!

I was given the opportunity to review some bright bold products that aren't just eye catching, but are also damn good quality too from the Leitz WOW range. 
Image from Leitz
Here's some info on the new range:

'A study by Exeter University showed that individuals can be up to 30% more productive if they have the ability to express themselves in their workplace. Therefore, Leitz is encouraging students to do away with grey and optimise their working environments with productivity-boosting colours for the best possible results.

WOW consists of a range of bold, brightly coloured office products and accessories, designed to encourage individuality in the workplace. Available in seven different colours: orange, green, pink, bright blue, purple and light blue; Leitz WOW products offer an option for every type of personality. Products range from everyday desktop accessories like holepunches and staplers, to filing and organisers, to storage solutions. It also offers a selection of mobile accessories, such as iPhone cases, for complete co-ordination.'

I was pretty impressed by the sheer range of products, but the range of colours too just aids the products appeal to pretty much every stationary lover, and furthermore, any one who wants to keep their stuff organised! Here are the products I was sent:

The metal stapler is a hefty and rubust little thing that you just know wouldn't wear out quick. It has a binding capacity of 30 sheets, 'patented Direct Impact Technology', an integrated staple remover and a 10 year guarantee when using Leitz staples! All of the products are great quality, with the notebook meeting my need for high quality 80 gsm paper. The magazine file isn't something I've used myself before but it comes in pretty handy for stacking up my essays and notes actually! It's a sturdy A4 filer with a width of 6cm so you can keep a decent amount tucked away but accessible within it. The finish on all the products is just perfect, the colour's are so bold and they look so stylish. I love the idea of the colour coordination and how much they would brighten up dull student work areas. I feel as though the brightness may entice me towards my desk a little more often! 

To have a browse through the range yourself or to find out any more info about the products I have featured click here! The website also provides details of where to buy the products. 

*Leitz sent me these products in return for a review, and the opinions are my own. The information concerning the products can be found on the Leitz website. 

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  1. I'm all about organisation and pretty colours and nice notebooks and pens, they always make me more motivated to work.
    Emma x
    Writing Essays With Wine

    1. Agreed! I love stationary and notepads are a real love of mine! Always nice to have something to brighten up your room, especially whilst your a student when you can't decorate the whole house that much if at all! x

  2. I have nominated you for the Liebster Award!



  3. This is very good post, very enlightening. I’ve learned so many things from your post, I really love that.


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